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Aguilera, Christina
Alba, Jessica
Amos, Tori
Anderson, Gillian
Aniston, Jennifer
Anwar, Gabrielle
Applegate, Christina
Arquette, Rosanna

Barrymore, Drew
Basinger, Kim
Bell, Catherine
Berry, Halle
Biel, Jessica
Blanchett, Cate
Bleeth, Yasmine
Branch, Michelle
Bullock, Sandra
Burns, Brooke

Campbell, Neve
Carey, Mariah
Carlton, Vanessa
Carpenter, Charisma
Carrere, Tia
Carter, Lynda
Cates, Phoebe
Charles, Nicola
Clarkson, Kelly
Cox, Courteney

DErrico, Donna
Danes, Claire
Dash, Stacey
Davies, Kimberley
DeMornay, Rebecca
Diaz, Cameron
Doherty, Shannen
Duff, Haylie
Duff, Hilary
Dunst, Kirsten

Electra, Carmen
Eleniak, Erika
Elizabeth, Shannon

Fisher, Isla
Flockhart, Calista
Fox, Vivicia
Friel, Anna

Gayheart, Rebecca
Gershon, Gina
Goose, Claire
Grant, Amy

Harrison, Emma
Hatcher, Teri
Hayek, Salma
Hilton, Paris
Hogan, Brooke
Holmes, Katie
Hudgens, Vanessa
Hurley, Elizabeth

Jackson, Janet
Janus, Samantha
Joan Hart, Melissa
Jolie, Angelina
Jovovich, Milla
Judd, Ashley

Kidman, Nicole
Kudrow, Lisa

Landry, Ali
Lawless, Lucy
Lee Curtis, Jamie
Lee Nolin, Gena
Leick, Hudson
Liu, Lucy
Locklear, Heather
Loeb, Lisa
Lohan, Lindsay
Lopez, Jennifer

Marceau, Sophie
McAdams, Rachel
McCarthy, Jenny
McCutcheon, Martine
McPhee, Katharine
Michelle Gellar, Sarah
Miko, Izabella
Milano, Alyssa
Moore, Demi
Moore, Mandy

Norwood, Brandy

Paltrow, Gwyneth
Peet, Amanda
Perabo, Piper
Perry, Katy
Pfeiffer, Michelle
Portman, Natalie

Ricci, Christina
Richards, Denise
Roberts, Julia
Ryan, Jeri
Ryan, Meg
Ryder, Winona

Satchwell, Brooke
Schijf, Angela
Shields, Brooke
Shue, Elisabeth
Silverstone, Alicia
Simpson, Ashlee
Simpson, Jessica
Sparks, Jordin
Spears, Britney
Spelling, Tori

Throne Smith, Courtney
Thurman, Uma
Tyler, Liv

Watson, Emma
Winslet, Kate
Witherspoon, Reese

Zeta-Jones, Catherine

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