Newbies Start Build A Web Site

I cant even begin to imagine how overwhelmed all you Newbies out there feel right now. I just returned Dec 8th 2009 after about two years of exile from the World Wide Web, Wow it became the Wild Wild Web. I think its wild to see all the changes that have taken place. I came back to Internet marketing after a little school and other home issues like moving cross country and giving the ole 9 to 5 a shot. What a mundane couple of years I just returned from. Granted I still dabbled in games and music on the web, I had a web site
built for me, that was a waste of money. I got to the point I just couldnt stay away.

But what a change this is, I think its exciting to find all these people actually offering help to everyone else. I know there are ulterior motives but thats just business right? I started building my new web site and gathering all the old necessary tools, information and all the necessities of building an online business. I did not expect all of the ebooks or all the different ways to gather leads are even the changes in the Guru mentality. It seems that the Gurus lost their crowns and the whole world is full of writers, just simply amazing. Amazing to think about where we will be in two more years.

I personally have decided to stick around to find out. Well, let me get to the point of this article. I started out just as anyone else new to the web, I actually decided to do this with absolutely no money other than the Internet fee so far so good. I know you have to spend money to make money but lets see how far all this will allow a person to go. The idea came about because of a bunch of my friends who kept on telling me that they couldnt afford to start an online business. But me being myself just had to challenge that pessimistic mentality.

I am astonished at the fact I have about 5 or 6 hundred emails a day in just one mail box, I have seven accounts. Everybody and their grandma have the perfect business, a free ebook and a free way to build a list. I must have 75 different list building ideas sent to me everyday. Are there really that many ways to build a list? Do they work?… Guess what? I aim to try them all and Im sure Ill have something to say about my findings later on.

I also have a big problem with all the free advertising that have the gull to offer you free advertising that works. I get so mad at the ones that lead you all the way to filling out the forms and then tell you You are a free member, you can only mail to your downline. If I had started out with a downline I probably wouldnt need the free advertising in the first place. How do those companies expect a Newbie to get started when they waste all of their valuable time in the first place.(Sorry, My little Rant there!)

I knew what I was in for when I started, I knew that my online adventure would be just that. I started my web site with the full intentions of showing Newbies that it can be done and it can. I told my wife that I was going to start a business online to Help Out Newbies with all the tools they needed to create an online business with all free tools, products and information as cheap as possible. I have eight years on the internet, one year web design and internet training and have gone to a couple of computer and internet seminars. I have been back online for six, maybe seven weeks now and have spent eight dollars.

I can tell you for a fact that the Newbies who come online hoping to simply sign up, or throw a web site together and make a buck are in for a big surprise. If your one of them then you can prepare yourself for a long, confusing, overwhelming scavenger hunt. I already had knowledge of the net, I had access to tools and programs, I have past experience. Its a long hard road without the right people to help you along the way if you are starting from nothing. Hold your chin up and persevere, dont let anyone tell you it cant be done. You can get it done for a Very Low Price.

If you are an established Business person, Mentor, or marketing professional, you could always help out the Newbies. After all if they dont make it then they will have no money to spend on your products. If your established and on auto pilot then what harm can offering up a little help be to you. To them you will always be the Guru and the people who let them down will….Well always be the people who let them down.

Grab important points of view in the sphere of free traffic – this is your own knowledge pack.