New! The IDive 300 Will Waterproof Your IPod / IPhone When You Are Going Down To The Beach

Many people will be planning their family vacations for this year and wondering what is the best thing to do with their expensive iPhones and iPods when they are relaxing down on the beach or sitting by the pool. What can you do with them to protect them against potential water damage?

If you cannot stand to be separated from your iPhone or iPod for a couple of hours whilst you are near the water then why not invest in an iDive 300? This excellent water tight gadget helps to waterproof your iPhone whilst providing high quality sounds and entertainment. You can use it for snorkelling, scuba diving or swimming safe in the knowledge it isn’t letting any water near your iPhone / iPod.

I can see this being a very useful and important gadget for many recreational divers, no doubt making the owners the envy of all of those around them. With a depth rating of 90m, or 300 feet, you can take it with you on most recreational dives and then when you are carrying out boring safety or deco stops, you can entertain yourself by listening to the contents of your iPhone or iPod or watching movies stored on it. Be the envy of your diving buddies whilst you are performing stops when you have your own entertainment to while away the minutes hanging onto the shot line.

And the iDive 300 isnt just a gadget that is useful for in the water. It means you can also carry around you iPhone and iPod safely to listen to your music on the boat on the way out to dive sites. This might just help settle you if you usually suffer slightly on boat trips. It will also protect your iPhone or iPod whilst you are on the beach or just splashing around the waters edge.

Now is the right time to be looking at the iDive 300, it really is a useful piece of equipment.

IDive 300 Specification
* Waterproof down to a maximum of 300ft/90m underwater
* Integrated microprocessor allows for push button control of click wheel and touch screen iPod devices
* Watch movies while decompressing
* Over the Ear Speakers
* Designed to be attached to a mask strap or tucked under a dive hood
* Built in amplifier
* Provides high quality stereo sound
* Lanyard loop allows for easy attachment
* Recommended for SCUBA diving and snorkeling
The iDive 300 is compatible with
* iPhone
* iPhone 3G
* iPod Touch
* iPod Nano 4th Gen
* iPod Nano 3rd Gen
* iPod Classic
* iPod Nano 2nd Gen
* iPod Nano 5th Gen
* iPod Classic 5th Gen

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