Nascar Fans – How Much Does It Cost To Be One?

Being a serious Nascar racing fan can be a very expensive hobby. Millions of people throughout the USA love the excitement of Nascar racing and will do and pay anything to see it live and in person at least once per season. As a devoted fan there are dozens of different types of memorabilia, tickets, weekend getaways and Nascar events to take advantage of through any racing season. Lets go through the general expenses of Nascar fan throughout an average season of thrilling racing events.

First, there is no doubt that you are going to want to attend at least 2-3 top races throughout the season and these tickets can be expensive. For two tickets you can be sure to spend at least $100 for decent seats at a highly rated race throughout the year. It is likely that you are not from the area where the race is taking place which means you are going to have travel expenses to include as an add-on to your existing ticket prices. From the Nascar website you can find ticket and travel packages that include your hotel stay for a 3 day weekend plus the tickets to make for an easy purchase and travelling experience.

When you are not travelling across the country to see a Daytona 500 race, you are most definitely watching these races on your TV. This of course means that you have to get a special cable or satellite package to utilize these Nascar channels. Because there are so many Nascar fans today many of the cable and satellite companies have created special Nascar fan viewing packages that contain all the channels you need to catch every race of the year. Comcast is quickly becoming one of the leading Cable Companies today and they too have created the perfect Nascar viewing package for loyal fans like you. You will have access to all 70 races of the season on the Nascar FOX channel, ABC HD, ESPN 2 HD, ESPN, ABC and Fox. This package will cost you anywhere between $50-$80 per month depending on the other services and channels you include in your package.

During the Nascar racing season it becomes easier and easier to find Nascar memorabilia like Nascar personalized checks, t-shirts, mugs, flags, car decals, lights, bedding, wallpaper and so much more. As a loyal Nascar fan there is no doubt that you already have some form of Nascar memorabilia and when you visit the races throughout the year it is impossible not to buy a new t-shirt or flag to support your favourite racers. With top drivers like Michael McDowell, Regan Smith and of course Jeff Gordon, why not buy the memorabilia to support these great drivers? It is safe to say that the average fan spends about $65 per racing season on Nascar gear.

When you take the time to outline the different costs throughout the season it can be hard to believe just how much it costs to be a true, loyal Nascar fan! When you add up the $300 for race tickets, $400 for weekend stays for the races, $80 for Nascar cable channels and $65 for Nascar gear you are looking at about $845 per racing season in extreme Nascar fan expenses. When it is all laid out for you like this it can be really hard to believe just how much you can spend during the racing season but at the time, it is money well spent and without a second thought!

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