Mens Fashion Male Underwear – Popularity Of Boxer Shorts

Since there key introduction onto the mens underwear market in the mid 1950’s the modern mens boxer short, so named after the sport and influenced by the boxer Rocky Marciano, has remained a market leader.

It’s popularity was revitalised during the 1980’s by the infamous Levis advert with the guy in the laundrette stripping down to his white boxers, pushing men’s underwear into the spot light of a fashion sensitive society.

This led to a new era of wives and girlfriends buying their men some sexy boxers in a range of patterns and materials, silk being a suitable choice. These replaced the rather sad Y fronts which had become popular during the sixties and seventies due to their ever practical styling and support, but let’s face it sexy they are not!

This surge in market popularity also saw the designer brands bringing out there own range of mens underwear, which incorporates the boxer short, which resulted in ever advancing design developments for the garment, as well as making them a style statement in the modern market.

It is not just men that wear boxer shorts, wives and girlfriends walk round the house in their partners undies and they are liked as sleep wear for both men and women. But in today’s high fashion mens underwear market, is the boxer short still as popular as it was? Well yes in principle, however, once again the style has advanced to suit the modern era with the latest trends are more towards the fitted boxer short or hipster.

Advances in modern materials with inbuilt elastane and soft fibres such as micro fibre, grant a snug sensual fit as well as better testicular support, the lack of support was historically the main problem with the baggy boxer short, making them unsuitable for sports men. More technical fabrics are often used by some brand leaders that wick away sweat from the body, making them great for sporting activities.

The more figure enhancing shape makes the fitted mens boxer less visible under clothing. The waist bands, often still elastic, now carry brand logo’s and are a status symbol themselves, with the younger generation wearing them visibly above their jeans.

No other mens underwear style is available in such a vast range of materials and fit, some have openings, the traditional button fly (still available) has made way to simple elasticated openings in a variety of places. Different leg lengths from short hip fit to a maxi length, some are designed for sports men and give great support, and some are baggy and great for sleeping in. So this means that there is a fit and material to suit any body style, making them still the market leader for many designer brands.

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