Mens Fashion – Mens Designer Ties Selecting The Perfect Tie

With a return to a classic look in this year’s line of men’s designer fashion and an growing appeal of younger men to look professional, the tie could be set for a big impression. It is an important part of the overall image when seeking the professional look and an excellent way to accessories you clothes. Consequently, there are some important tips in ensuring that you make the best choice of tie when seeking to match it with your over all look.

Colour is the fundamental point when picking a tie and it is essential to get it right otherwise you could be a fashion disaster. The base colour of the tie should match the base colour of the shirt that it is paired with and if it has a pattern, the secondary colour is called the accent colour.

This should compliment the colour of the suit that it is being paired with if you are in fact wearing one. With silvers, taupe and beige being the colours for 2009 you have a wide range of options when selecting a tie, and one with a stripe would be a good choice as these are also making a come back this year.

Pattern ties are often a good way of pulling the entire look together as you can purchase ties with colours that you can match with more aspects of your overall image.

So, should you go for a pattern or plain tie? Well the rule of thumb is that if you are wearing a patterned shirt then stick to a plain tie and visa versa.

Solid coloured ties are the most versatile and yet pattern ties as already mentioned are desirable for picking out and tying in many parts of your look.

When it comes to patterned ties, striped ties are possibly the best option of any because they are generally more classical and conservative. Stripes are a good way to pull together the entire look and can sometimes be more interesting than other pattern designs.

Colours and patterns are not the only consideration and the final and possibly most vital consideration is the quality of the tie in terms of both looks and feel. A tie is such an important feature of the professional and elegant look that you risk ruining the whole effect by not taking the time to pick a quality tie.

Cheap ties stick out like a sore thumb and I would strongly recommend that you wear nothing if you can not afford to go for quality. A good tie will generally be made from silk and I personally would not consider anything other than a silk tie.

The material is essential for many reasons, not just because of the obvious look of material, but also because a quality material like silk will be easier to tie and you will get a much better knot.

Overall, it is important to go for a good quality silk tie, matching either a solid coloured tie with patterned shirts or patterned ties, such as a strip that has complimentary base and accent colours that match the shirt and suit.

This article is written by J. Keightley, fashion editor of mens underwear and owner of Giggleberries Mens Underwear

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