Mens Fashion – How To Look Cool During Winter From Head To Toe

It is not very often that we have such bleak snowy winters that we use to experience, probably because of what everyone seems to be as a result of global warming and yet lately we have had some really cold days.

Whether it is bitterly cold and crispy, or wet and murky, it still seems to pose the same problem for all men when it comes to dressing fashionably for winter. More often than not, fashion seems to take a back seat when it comes to dressing for the cold because most of us desire that it is not going to last, we don’t really enjoy the cold and so we are reluctant to spend on suitable fashion and in stead opt for multi purpose functional clothing.

However, it doesn’t have to be too challenging and with a few mild tips you can soon get yourself dressed reasonable for the winter fashion runway. So here are a few head to toe tips and how to be trendy during the winter.

Head Gear

Keep you hat timeless and classic by avoiding ones that are embezzled with logos and motifs. Sports hats are a big no and you would be better to stick with plain and solid colours that favour the rest of what you are wearing. It is best to be less concerned with brand names and instead to go for quality and clearly reflects this in the looks. Avoid hats with bobbles.

Neck Wear

Scarfs are a great way to accessories an outfit and again it is wise to avoid ones with logos, but instead stick to strong colours that endorse your outfit. You can always pick out colours in other parts of what you are wearing by matching it with a multi colours scarf (striped scarf’s are fashionable). One thing that is vital is to ensure that is the right length so that you can tie it properly.


When it comes to gloves it is always best to go for a nice quality leather or faux leather glove in either black or brown. The good thing with gloves is that whichever colour you opt for you can usually get away with matching them with anything else that you choose to wear. Just don’t go for the outdoor walking gloves, make sure you treat yourself to some nice quality ones.


This is quite possibly one of the most impreitive items of clothing and one that you should consider being a tailored item of clothing. It ties the whole look together and a badly fitting jacket will really ruin everything. To keep costs down go for a neutral colour that can also be worn with a classic casual style and equally be appropriate with a suit.


Finally in our head to toe tips are the shoes. These are well worth investing in and it is equally favour to look after your feet. Go for something with a good sturdy and well insulated sole. There are lots of styles to choose from at the moment and it all comes down to personal taste and you really require perhaps two pairs as it is not so easy to mix and match casual with smart to the same extent you can with a coat.

This article is written by J. Keightley fashion editor of mens underwear and owner of Giggleberries Mens Underwear

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