Men’s Style – Whatto Wear For That Perfect Date.

Modern men are becoming more conscious of what they wear when dating. They are aware that women are looking for more than a good night out and a compliment, they want a stylish man who takes care of himself and looks good on their arm. This can be a frightening prospect for someone who is new to the modern dating scene, who may have been recently divorced for instance.

Naturally what you wear is somewhat dependant on the type of outing you have planned, for instance if you had planned a picnic some where in the country you don’t want to turn up in a suit. For most dates a smart casual dress style is always a good place to start, whatever your age. Looking fashionable is not limited to the under 30’s, a stylish look is easy to achieve whatever your age and in fact can make you look years younger if you do it right.

The first thing you need to consider is your body shape because this will inform the type of styles you need to wear. Unless you have a super fit, flat stomach and long legs, steer away from vertical stripes and tight fit jeans, but if you are on the ‘well covered’ side, don’t try and hide it by wearing big baggy jumpers and t shirts as these will only make you look bigger. Think about tops which will elongate your body such as button through shirts and V necks.

For the average built man a pair of well tailored jeans, possibly a little worn, is a great place to start for the smart casual look, these can be worn with either a turtle neck jumper or a shirt and suit type jacket in a casual fabric such as linen or soft cotton. Try to think about what colour top you choose, don’t be afraid to go for a strong colour such as black or olive green if your complexion will take it.

Don’t forget to think about your accessories. Slim soled brown lace up shoes are a great option for this image along with a brown leather belt and maybe even a scarf if the weather is cool. For those summer dates a pair of fashionable sun glasses will bring your look up to the moment. Socks in a complimentary colour and pattern without holes and worn heals will look good if you go back to her place and have to take your shoes off.

And finally don’t forget about what you wear on the underneath layer, you never know where the evening may progess and if you really want to impress her, think about updating your underwear drawer with a few key designer items in the seasons latest colours and styles rather than your usual tired Y fronts!

This article is written by J. Keightley, fashion editor of mens underwear and owner of Giggleberries Mens Underwear

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