Male Fashion – Know Your Style And Know Your Body Type For Choosing The Designs

When it comes to men’s fashion, whether it is shopping for suits, trousers or even kmens underwear we all have our own personal challenges in finding what is the right look and style for us, particularly when it means matching fashion to our body type. Consequently, knowing your body type takes on even more pertinence.

In this article you will find some helpful information and tips that will hopefully assist you in kitting yourself out correctly in the latest designs, styles and fashion for men

Tall, short, thin or fat, we all have difficulty in finding clothes that are suitable for us. So lets start with those of us who live with our head in the clouds, or are otherwise taller than the rest of us.

First and foremost, if you are tall you may want to stick to horizontal lines and stripes as vertical ones will only accentuate how tall you are. However, one thing that I have noticed is those who provide clothes for taller men also seem to think that they are also skinny and built like a bean pole. Wearing close fitting clothes if you are thin will only serve to highlight this fact, which is no bad thing when it is in fashion, and Russell Brand is a perfect example of the current persuasion for tall lanky men.

Then again you may be the lucky one who does not have a height issue and are neither too tall nor too short. Lucky you! However, you may also be too small and equally you will not want to draw attention to this fact and as stripes are a no no for tall people, the reverse is true for short men. Stripes help to stretch the body to the eye and this is the best thing for you to wear if you are shorter than average.

Now, so far we have covered the obvious side of exterior mens fashion and so far have not covered the considerations necessary when buying mens underwear according to your body type.

Therefore, I shall also offer some information for how to choose the right underwear for yourself. If you are Mr Average, then lucky you again, because you can get away with pretty much anything from briefs, thongs and trunks.

However, if you are exceptionally tall then you may want to stay away from long legged fitted trunks and go for a low sitting hipster trunk with a short as leg as possible so not to lengthen the body. You would also be suited to traditional briefs or even a thong.

However, the contrary also applies and if you are shorter in the body then you may be better to go for a fuller long leg fitted trunk to give the appearance that you are taller than you are.

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