Male Designer Fashion – A Look At This Years Men’s Fashion Apparel

Whilst 2008 was an alluring time for men’s fashion, this year is set to be an even more exciting year and interestingly some of the most notable arrivals will be including both stripes and pastel colours in bold designs for both shirts and trousers. The main stay of this years fashion will be embodied by a sporty and outgoing casual approach, so whilst colours are in, so to are casual and bold jackets to complement vibrant stripes.

A look that is set to fit with any informal social occasion will be one that incorporates quality chocolate, black or coffee leather or sued half length jackets in solid colours worn with casual or denim pants and contrasted with a vibrant sporty stripped shirt. This lends itself to being very interchangeable and still offering a classic clean look for men. It is strong and outgoing, yet makes a statement that we are outgoing and flamboyant.

An appealing aspect of this look is that it can also be easily matched with a v-neck pullover or interchanged with a vibrant and stripped roll neck shirt, which are also seeing a renaissance to the catwalks. Interestingly, smart casual pastel coloured cardigans are also seeing a return, which can also be paired easily with the current trend in pants and jackets. These lines are most likely to appeal to a much wider range of men and therefore provide a fashion choice this year for a greater population of men of all ages.

When it comes to fashion, everything is important and it is often the small detail and accessories that make or break a style. Consequently, shoes should never be an after thought and with this years styles anything smart goes, so leave the trainers in the closet and go for something smarter.

Dressing things up a bit for the office will see men seeking for quality linen mix shirts and light weight overcoats to go with light taupe and beige summer jackets to give a smart clean contemporary look to the professional man.

Accessorise you suite with formal shoes, white metal cuff links, a smart subtle belt, and shirts and ties that are in the soft greens or silvers to bring out the best in taupe coloured jackets. The beauty with this years fashion is that taupe and beige bestows itself to be paired to so many different shades, however, one rule of thumb is to edge on the softer side of the colour shading.

One thing that is evident this year is that the fashion is aimed at appealing to men of all ages who appreciate the heart between smart and casual and yet in both cases recognise the importance of appearing strong and professional.

This article is written by J. Keightley fashion editor of mens underwear and owner of Giggleberries

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