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If youre starting from scratch, making a good website can seem to be one huge problem. Well, Im here to tell you that youre not wrong. In fact, making a good website, if you know zero about it, is probably much harder than you realise – as they say ignorance is bliss. But its no good being in a state of bliss – you need to face up to the challenge and get involved in the Web before it totally leaves you behind. Day by day, thousands of folks the world over turn to the Web for the very first time. For some it is a new channel for learning and education; for others it is a means to find suppliers for all sorts of merchandise; still others turn to the Internet as a means to earn a living; while others want to seek out like minded people and share their ideas and concerns.

The Web is huge and is growing at a phenomenal rate, but its only just beginning. If you want to get involved, then the best time was about ten years ago! It was pretty easy then. But yesterday isnt coming back, and tomorrow will be harder still. Actually, Im making it sound harder than it is. I dont want to frighten you too much, but I dont want to make it sound too easy either. The point is, there will never be an easier time to get involved than now. It will only get more and more difficult as time goes on. And a second important point is that as hard as learning all the stuff about the Web is, the difficulty is far outweighed by the many benefits of having Internet skills.

All new subjects have their own language and a strangeness that creates an initial hump that can be difficult to get over. It wont take long and, with a fair bit of application, you can get over that small hill and get to a place where things start to make sense and all the pieces start to fit together. Its a good feeling mastering a new skill.

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Thats quite a list of subjects that you need to know at least something about to make a good website. But theres no time to waste. Get along to make a good website and make a start – today.

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