Lower Your Monthly Food Budget

Angel Food Ministries has been helping people nationwide cut down their monthly food budget since 1994! In today’s economy, for many they are an answer to prayer.

We began running Angel Food Ministries out of our church, here in the greater New Bedford area (Massachusetts) in October of 2008. To be completely honest, when I heard you received enough food to feed a family of four for a week for only $30.00 I was a bit skeptical. When I saw the Angel Food menu for the month: steak, chicken, ground turkey, beef patties with gravy, pasta, beans, a variety of vegetables, eggs, muffin mix, oatmeal, and the list went on – I was even more skeptical. What quality of food was this for only $30.00? Fatty meats? Vegetables in dented cans? Out dated packages? My husband and I are fussy when it comes to feeding our family, and if lowering our food budget meant serving them low-gradeleftover food, we weren’t interested.

At the recommendation of people we trusted, we decided to give one Angel Food box a try. Wow! What a surprise! Mouth watering steaks, individually freeze-dried and packaged; no fat on these! Flash-frozen chicken breasts! Frozen vegetables, just like the supermarket! Chicken Flavored Rice Vermicelli; just like the ‘name-brand’! Blueberry muffin mix; one of my favorites! This was all top quality food, easily costing $60-$80 at the grocery mart, and we paid only $30! That was cutting our grocery bill!

Last month we ordered the regular Angel Food box for $30.00 and added a ‘Special’ Angel Food box of fresh fruit and vegetables for only $21.00 (potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, oranges, grapefruit, celery, 2 different kinds of apples, and more)! What a blessing and what an opportunity to be a blessing! Imagine being able to bring $100+ of top quality groceries to a neighbor or a friend who may be struggling right now, introduce them to Angel Food Minitries and help them to begin lowering their monthly food budget!

The Angel Food menu changes every month and there is no limit on the number of boxes or specials you can order. That means big food budget cuts! There are no income restraints and many of the Angel Food host sites accept EBT cards along with cash, checks and credit cards. But be sure to check your closest host site, because it does vary.

Angel Food operates across the country, with several host sites in churches across almost every state! You can find the Angel Food host site closest to you just by filling in your zip code online. You can even order online! Angel Food orders are taken at host churches on designated dates and times during the month. Payment is due with your order. The complete Angel Food order is dropped off at the host church for pick up once a month. Why wait? Begin cutting your grocery bill!

Oh! Almost forgot. In three months, the Angel Food boxes ordered from our local church have tripled!

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