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Buntfu is a Siswati expression, a word that encompasses a lot of meanings. There is love in there, there is trust, and there are feelings. Buntfu is a word that describes being human – how you relate to your neighbor, how you relate to the person sitting next to you, how you feel for that person.

We felt this name should be everyones approach when setting up a computer running GNU/Linux and selling it here. As a buyer if this idea is followed by a seller you should feel confident that you will be getting their very best work. is a community based computer vendor. Our definition of that means:

1. Anyone can list their inventory of fedora based computers on our auction style store.

2. Everyones system listed is preconfigured with a complete fedora computer or server.

3. Placing and fulfilling custom order systems can be achieved using the wanted area of our site.

4. Together we can provide support for and find help through our community based support forums.

5. Our advertising, popularity and success depends on all of us, our support and the systems we offer. will always be free of charge. You do not pay any site fees or closing cost fees to buy or sell your GNU/Linux based computer. All features within the site are available to everyone without charge . We encourage you to use the site to the fullest and take advantage of all of its features.

Buntfu believes that the community can provide great computers and services. Using GNU/Linux and used, new, custom, and frankenstein style computers can be of a great value and benefit for all its users.

As a buyer Buntfu can benefit you by providing:

A unique source of GNU/Linux computers from around the world or in your hometown. Buyers benefit from lower cost since there are no site fees for sellers to pay. Our main focus is to help you find or get a great GNU/Linux computer whether it would be through buying one preinstalled or getting someone to install and customize it for you.

As a seller Buntfu can benefit you by providing:

PCs listed here are automatically syndicated to multiple shopping feeds, RSS feeds, coupled with paid exchange based advertising on some of the biggest networks available. Our advertising of your systems is very focused and targeted since this is the main purpose and responsibility of our site. This is all done automatically at no cost to you which saves you an enormous amount of time advertising by yourself. Also within the site are manual promotional tools to advertise your personal RSS feed of your listing to RSS services you pick with just a click or two. All features of the site are available free of charge including wanted ads, etc etc..

Our preferred GNU/Linux distribution is Ubuntu and its family, primarily for ease of use, most support, large community, OS recognition and frequent updates. But we also have many other great GNU/Linux based PCs such as PCLOS Systems

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