Lack Of Control Leads The Brain To Create Non-existent Patterns

In the way the universe exists, our perception of control and understanding of the things around us and in our environment can lead the brain to creating its own set of rules for finding patterns in the random chaotic disorder of things. Even the most laid back and easy going among us wish to maintain a little control over things, and when we feel lost we scour everywhere for something that will reinstate predictability. The mind is no less detached from the physical world around us in its desire for order rather than chaos.

New inquiry shows that when we lack restraint we dont exactly go with the flow, waiting for order to resume, but instead, force it to happen ourselves; we inflict it, if nothing other than solely in our own minds, by imagining patterns and trends where none exist. In six experiments, psychologists Galinsky of Northwestern University and Whitson of the of Texas at Austin manipulated their subjects gumption of control. The article can also be found in the Mind section of Scientific Americanunder the title of Finding Control in Chaos.

Questions arise such as, how do you control your thoughts in times of doubt or confusion, or what defines the line between order and chaos. The mind can be brought under control through practicing meditation, even passively, and through dispassion. Many people actively practice yoga or tai chi, both of which are repetitive. The mind is hard to control and is always churning. Many people actively practice yoga or tai chi, both of which are repetitive. Depending upon how you look at it, these ideas spell out a road map for spiritual growth, regardless of ones religious belief system.

In some of the psychologists trials, the test-subjects were given either random feedback or no feedback at all on a dodgy data intensive chore; in other situations, they asked their captive audience to think of a memory or situation where they lacked control or where they had good control. The results showed that not having command caused see things in nothingness or see a picture in an image of static, to sense contempt in other peoples everyday behavior.

Also, individuals actions shows signs of belief in superstitious beliefs and to perceive some sort of crazy stock-market trends when there were none presented at all, on purpose in the data. These anomalies vanished without a trace once the test subjects were foremost denied control but then told to write down their most deeply held values. This opportunity to spell about their nearly profoundly held values represented an activeness that supported psychological well being and staved off the out-of-control feelings. This can be explained in simpler terms as the human mind wants to maintain order out of the chaos and remain in control and being under control. See more about this at rootninja mind studies and other topics in science and psychology at psychology of the mind

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