Kite Boarding Lessons Recommendations

Kite boarding has a really interesting history and it may just surprise you to know that using kites to move things and people has actually been around since the 13th century. The Chinese are the great people who have brought this about.

Using kites to do amazing things was taken to new heights (pardon the pun) in the 1800s when a man by the name of George Pocock decided to try and use bigger kites to move carts on land and ships on water. Ok, that quite the visual isnt it? Kiteboarding Lessons A kite moving a ship. Well suffice it to say he did run into some problems, but the point to note is that he used the same system of controlling the kites that is used today – a four line control system.

Amazingly though, and this was the whole point in the first place, the kites he used could stay in the air for ages at a time. A bonus when you wanted to travel someplace. Pococks main reason to find alternative ways to power carts and boats was a distinct aversion to something called the horse tax, a tax everyone hated with a passion.

In the early 1900s one man succeeded in quite the stunning achievement,the actually got himself and a small collapsible canvas boat across the English Channel by using his invention – man-lifting kites. Cabarete kite schoo. Even then the spirit of adventure and the fascination with alternative methods of motion was addictive.

It wasnt until the late 1970s that kites began to take on a whole new look and were starting to be made with different materials to take advantage of the wind and atmoshperic conditions. Along came Kevlar and Spectra flying lines. Along came kites that had a lot more control as well. The control of course had always been as issue for those wanting to truly experience the thrill of wind power.

In 1978 the world save the FlexiFoil kite powered Tornado Catamaran piloted by Ian Day reach – what was then a superior speed – of 40 kmp/h. Imagine the thrill of that achievement. Such innovations spurred many other inventors on who also attempted to partner kites and ice skates (uhm not a huge success), kites and roller skates (stopping was an issue) and kites and canoes. Now that one must have been interesting to watch.

Bottom line here is the history of Kite boarding is filled with some great stories of people achieving something they always wanted to do and succeeded. If they can do it, then so can you.

Lastly, let me end on this…If you want to try something totally new and have considered trying some type of water sport, then there really is nothing as hair raising or as fun as learning how to kite surf. Im sure that if you were to just give it a try you would be amazed at just how awesome it can be, especially with some friends.

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