Is Very Bad Breath Destroying Your Self Esteem

Looking for ways to get rid of bad breath? If this is so, you probably suffer from halitosis. This very common condition is commonly caused by the bacteria in your mouth and on your tongue.

While there are several causes for halitosis, there are just as many tips on how to treat halitosis. Mouth care is the first thing. Brush and floss your teeth. Make sure you are not taking any medications or have a medical problem that will cause bad breath or halitosis. If you arent having other medical issues, your awful breath is most likely to be in your mouth.

Seeing a dentist will let you know if you have a dental issue that needs to be fixed. A rotting tooth or gum disease will cause bad breath or halitosis. If those arent an issue, you will need to determine your underlying cause for halitosis before you try other remedies.

How to get rid of halitosis begins with recognizing that you have a problem and identifying the root cause of it. It could be caused by your diet and if so, you need to watch your diet. For example, are you eating foods that stick to your breath such as garlic or onions?

Another possibility is that you are not producing enough saliva in your mouth. Saliva will clear the germs away. If you have dry mouth, you will find that you will experience halitosis more often. In that case, you should start drinking lots of water. This will help stop the bacteria from growing on your tongue.

When you brush your teeth, you should also brush your tongue. This is very helpful in getting rid of bad breath. Especially since the tongue is a breeding ground for germs. If this still doesnt help, try chewing sugarless gum maybe in a Cinnamon flavor. This flavor seems to help not just cover the odor but ridding the mouth of the germs.

On the other hand, do keep in mind that when getting rid of halitosis, you should try not to just cover up the bad odor but get rid of the germs that causes it. Find something that works for you. It might be as simple as chewing gum everyday to rid yourself of the film on your tongue. It might mean just brushing and flossing more often. Or it might mean you have dental work that should be repaired as soon as you can. Whatever the case may be, just know that learning how to get rid of bad breath or halitosis is not difficult, it just requires effort and time on your part. And once its under control feel good about yourself again.

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