Important Secrets About Alkaline Water

Health vs Acidosis

The purpose of this article is to provide important Tips About ionized water

What you eat can be very hazardous to your health. What I mean is that our bodies were made to be slightly over 7.0 on the pH scale.

This scale goes from 1.0 (drain cleaner) to 7.0 (neutral) to 14.0 (oven cleaner). We should have a blood pH of about 7.35

So when we eat foods that are acid or turn acidic, when consumed, our system has to quickly give us an anti-acid pill in the form of robbing some alkaline compound from our body to counter this acid bomb we just dropped on our system.

This condition of diet caused, over-acidity, when on a constant basis, can cause a lot of health issues, some sooner and some later.

Hang in there with me, while I list just a few conditions or problems that you might be waiting in your future or you might already have from being over-acidic.

Lets start with a quote from Dr.Atkins of the Atkins Diet fame, about the big four. Dr. Atkins states, Of all the major diseases, Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypertension, and Cancer, acidosis is present.

The list of problems caused by eating a acid diet is almost endless and so long it could be boring, unless you are plagued by one or more these conditions. There is more information at high pH water

I personally suffered, and I mean suffered with a yeast skin rash of the groin area for 30 years. Some days I almost couldnt walk it was so bloody and painful. 30 years of doctors prescribing powders, cremes, and ointments and not one thing helped! I was even seen by the Chief of Dermatology at a major Dallas, Texas hospital.

Then friend of mine looked into an alkaline diet to assist his fight with lung cancer. I was drinking his high pH water and with in 4 weeks my 30 year bloody rash was gone, never to return!!! Two weeks later my wife, looking in the refrigerator, said, Mike, You arent drinking your glucosamine drink. I hadnt noticed that my arthritis pain, in my knees, had disappeared!

So there you have it, Thats my story and I am sticking to it! For me this has been a life changing find. Why the medical community does not know about this I dont know. It is cheap compared to what I spent over 30 years..

I spent thousands of dollars on my rash and joint problems and the useless drugs were expensive and I had to quit one job because of the knees. My an alkaline diet the strongest and best on the market only cost $1995.00 That is not much compared to the doctor bills and the pharmacy costs. Once you see the effects of what water ionizers can do then you will experience its value. the whole family can benefit.

What I have done is to incorporate a alkaline diet along with drinking lots of this great tasting, filtered water.And I do like my mother said, Michael, eat your vegetables. Dark green vegetables are the most common alkaline foods. You dont have to turn into a rabbit unless you have one of these chronic or life threatening diseases, then you better get all the acid out of your body.

The bad food guys are white rice, pasta, white bread, sugar, (I say, If its white it aint right) also never drink any soda ever again!!It takes 20 cups of high pH water to neutralize the acid from one cup of soft drink, they are deadly! To find out more free information go to an alkaline diet

When you find these Helpful secrets About alkaline water you are well on your way to a better life!

Alkalize and live well!

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