If You Want To Compare Best Mortgage Rates You May Be Best Getting Assistance From A Mortgage Broker

When you are tying to look for a new mortgage there are plenty of sites available with mortgage comparison charts, a whole variety of mortgage tools and a lot, lot more. But the big problem with these tools is that although they are great for quickly showing you the best mortgage products on the market and which banks are currently offering the lowest mortgage rates that day, they are missing out a valuable piece of information, which will affect what is available to you. That is why a lot of the tables now include a disclaimer that before selecting a mortgage and hitting the apply button, you should check with a mortgage broker to ensure that the mortgage product you are considering really is a suitable one for you.

So what else do you need to consider when you are trying to compare lowest mortgage interest rates and what is this vital missing piece of information that you know and a mortgage broker can consider, that the charts might be missing? In fact, when you look at the charts and know the answer to the question, you know that the charts are always missing this highly important clue, which is a piece of information, without which, you cannot look at anything other than typical rates, whereas you want to see the mortgage rates that are likely to be applied to you.

This vital piece of information is something that you are likely to know already, or at least have a good idea about. Its how good are you as a credit risk? There are loads of factors, but you probably have a good idea yourself, if not an exact answer to the question. You will know far better than the charts you are referring to when you are trying to compare best mortgage rates anyway!

Factors to take into account such as how well you have managed loans, your current income and that of a partner and the amount you are able to put down as a deposit against your property will all affect the actual mortgage interest rate you will be offered. One set of mortgage charts assumed that the person was able to put down at least a 40% deposit on the purchase, which is quite a hefty chunk, especially for first time buyers.

What is the answer to this then? Well there are a whole array of websites out there that can arrange for a local mortgage broker to contact you and suggest the best suitable mortgage productss for you, based on your circumstances. Dont be surprised if these are a lot more expensive than those that you see on mortgage charts. So save yourself the time and effort, get a mortgage broker to do the work for you!

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