How We Decided To Buy Our Holiday Apartment In The Costa Del Sol

Once a upon a time, (all good stories start like that), my partner and I were on holiday sitting on a sun drenched beach. As usual our minds wandered to ideas like Why cant we do this all the time? Why do we cram in pleasure into a 2 or 3 week each holiday a year? How could we make money to make our dreams a reality? After puzzling the situation the answer was simple. Why not buy a holiday home abroad? It seemed to have lots of advantages. We could use it when we wanted too for weekends or holidays. We could offer it to family and friends and or even go with them and spend some quality time together. We could winter in Spain. We could rent it out to help pay the mortgage. The list advantages seemed endless.

Where to buy? After much thought we finally came upon Spain since it has lots of sunshine, with temperatures ranging from a minimum/maximum of 7C/21c in the spring to 16C/34C in the summer, 10C/23C in the autumn and 2C/17C in the winter. It expects an average of 320 days of sunshine a year. It has miles of beaches, lovely food, lots of green golf courses, friendly people and the flights from the UK are reasonably cheap. Another huge benefit was perceived to be the fact that a great many of the Spanish people speak English. A major factor was the long list of activities and facilities the area offered.

We agreed finally on the Costa del Sol to purchase our apartment. We simply felt it was right for us. Spain is a vast country and if you importantly for rentals some 8 million plus tourists visit annually. The scenery is dramatic, the coastline being backed by high mountain ranges. The coast is green and lush and the area virtually had everything on our wish list

Eventually we flew to Spain, the end result being that we invested in a property at Casares Del Sol and once set up with the required villa furnishings we have had several enjoyable trips there this year.

The journey from concept to reality took around 2 years and we opted to share the experience with others wanting to start out ona similar life changing path. If we learnt one lesson to share with others, it is that villa furnishing packs really do take the stress out of the buying process.

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