How To Search Rapidshare Files?

Rapidshare is one of the greatest source to download anything on internet , either it is movie,music or books you can download it using free user account of rapidshare. The only difficulty with rapidshare is that we cant able to search it files. In this blog we have to discuss a lot about downloading rapidshare files and how to download rapidshare files which is good rapidshare search engine. Now i find one more good search engine called Whatever you want you can search in it and you will get downloadable link of rapidshare file.

I will show you step by step procedure about how you can download anything using Rapidshare Link Search , I will download Elvis Presley (my favorite)

1. Open Website

2.Type whatever you wanna search , i am typing elvis because i wanna download his music. Select the file from search result and click on it.

3.There are Two main links. One for source Link to get where the link was found and Second is Download Link to get the Link.

4.This is word verifier to check whether your human or not but I dont understand whats the need of it when they are not hosting anything they are just giving the link. But as they want I verified it.

5.Here is your address copy it and paste at ur browser url address bar click on free user and then download.

I hope it helps!

This is a review about Rapidshare:

RapidShare, founded in 2006, is one of the biggest and fastest one-click file hosts in the world. Within a short time, they succeeded in rising to become the twelfth most visited homepage in the world, and the trend is still moving upwards.

they are a young enterprise with a motivated team. Each day we work towards making transfers of huge data volumes faster, simpler and more secure for users and customers, whether from London to Berlin or to the Bahamas – tey are available wherever the internet is.

With a storage capacity of several petabytes (a petabyte is a million gigabytes) and an internet connection that transfers hundreds of gigabytes simultaneously, RapidShare has the infrastructure required to meet high demands.

With one-click hosting, users can upload big files in one step and subsequently make them available to friends and family via the download link. The download link can only be accessed by the person who has stored the file. In this way, data is secured against unauthorised access. Apart from the free service, Premium Accounts are available that offer additional convenience and can be purchased from 72 hours to a year. Additionally, TrafficShare provides the option to make files available for direct downloading. The recipient of the file can access it instantaneously even if he/she is not a Premium Account member of RapidShare.

RapidShare is extremely easy to use and offers an excellent performance of service. they use the upload program RapidShare Manager, which makes the service effortless. they have always experienced a 100% uptime. they love RapidShare’s fantastic speed and large bandwidth capacity.

Moving to RapidShare proved to be a great business decision for them. After evaluating several solutions, they found RapidShare to be the only one that met needs. they used get locked down into annual contracts which forced users to commit using a certain amount of bandwidth up front. But with RapidShare, they pay only for the bandwidth that users need, as users need it, at a significantly lower price. they now save several thousands of dollars every year compared to what users used to pay for their earlier solution. In addition, the download service itself has been very dependable and easy to use. RapidShare is exactly the solution users were looking for.

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