How To Reduce Fibroids Naturally

Many women with this condition would like to know how to shrink fibroids in a natural way rather than the alternative methods which are not always satisfactory.

Traditionally, the treatments offered by doctors include leaving the fibroids alone if they are not causing symptoms which are too debilitating or surgery, which carries inherent risks and can have a long recovery time. In addition, with the exception of a hysterectomy, many women do not realize that the fibroids can regrow after surgery as nothing is done to treat the causes. Drug treatment is sometimes used to reduce fibroids, but this is normally only used to reduce the size prior to surgery as the side effects of these drugs mean that they can only be used for short periods of time. The drugs effectively put women into the menopause, albeit temporarily, and therefore symptoms including night sweats and bone-thinning are likely to occur.

Natural ways to shrink fibroids not only take into account how to reduce the size and symptoms of fibroids, but also treat the causes of fibroids to prevent them returning. In addition, good natural treatments are likely to enhance the overall well being of the body.

To understand how to shrink fibroids naturally, it is important to appreciate that this method may involve some time and effort of your part. It is not a quick-fix method, although you will definitely begin to see results quickly and certain symptoms which are associated with fibroids will go within days. To reduce fibroids significantly will take weeks but is should be noted that this will still not be as long as the recovery time from surgery and it will be longlasting and will pay huge dividends.

Although doctors are not fully aware of all the causes of fibroids, it it thought that there are a few probable reasons for their growth. Some women are prone to inflammatory conditions of the body and that this could be hereditary. For these women, eating foods which naturally calm inflammation, such as the spice cumin or the herb rosemary can help. For others, an excess of the hormone estrogen is thought to cause fibroids. As estrogen is directly related to fat cells, it makes sense to keep to a healthy weight and to eat a healthy low fat diet. In addition, it is thought that certain pollutants can mimic the action of estrogen in the body so a good detox can help eliminate this.

As fibroids are very rarely a dangerous or life-threatening condition, treating them using natural methods is a sensible option before committing to surgery or drug treatment. The vast majority of women are amazed and delighted at the results and you can read some of the many testimonials on the sites which are detailed in the links below.

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