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My advice, before beginning to learn astrology , its best to have a clear understanding of the Solar System. This understanding can be obtained without going into all the elaborate details that Astronomy is concerned with. An Astrologers, require only a general understanding of Astronomys broad outlines are therefore all that is required, and without being proficient in mathematics, anyone with an menial level of education may learn quite simply all that I have to say on this subject.

The Art [spin]

The science which is Astronomy gives knowledge of the celestial objects, the motions, distances, magnitudes, weight, size, order and so on. Astronomy also takes us [spin]beyond the solar system, deep in to space, amongst the fixed stars, which are the central Suns of other solar systems throughout the neighbouring galaxies.

The wonderful an unlimited amount of these solar systems, of varying sizes – some larger and some smaller than our own. When we realise this, our minds expand, our vision becomes clearer and our hearts can fill with wonder and reverence for that unknowable and great supreme power that is the primary cause of all glory that fills the all of space. However, no amount of guesswork concerning other solar systems can reveal the true state of affairs in the broad expanse of the heavens. Therefore, it becomes more profitable to confine our attention, for the time being, to the solar system of which we form a part, leaving the study of fixed stars with their immense magnitudes and distances out of our present considerations.


If we were to draw a circle, and in its centre place a single point, we would have a representation of ourselves in relation to space. Using our imagination to further explore this idea to think of the Sun as being in the centre of and enormous circle, extending many millions of kilometres into space, then we may comprehend and understand what the circumference of the solar system means. It will do you well to ponder over this amazing and wonderful system. In the past, the Sun was recognised as the home and source of the primal energy from which all light and life comes. It being in fact the centre or, as we would term it for practical purposes, the body of the Logos of the solar system. From this glorious body, radiates the light which illuminates the whole, and there can be no grander concept of God than this idea of One who sustains the whole of His universe by His manifestation, the Sun: In him we live, move, and have our being.

All bigoted conceptions of religion must fade into insignificance as we realise that the Sun is the life and light of ourselves, and of the whole system.

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