How To Increase Google Adwords Quality Score From Internet Marketing Indonesia

Increasing the Quality Score of your keywords and optimizing your Adwords campaign is definitely a must if you want to reduce your cost and increase your sales when you running some Ads using Pay Per Click Google Adwords. Because quality score effects your keywords minimum cost per click and position in the search results and also if your ad will even shown at all!

The description of Quality Score it self is stated by google as a dynamic variable that calculated for each of your campaign keywords which combine a variety of factors and measures on how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a users search query.

The most important factors that will have an effect on your keywords Quality score can be summarized as below by Internet Marketing Indonesia Journal:
– The history of the keyword Click Through Rate
– The Account history which is a combination of all ads and keywords in the account
– The quality of landing page
– The relevance between keyword and ads in its ad group

Some tips below you can try to improve the quality score of your keywords:
– Split your keywords into smaller ad groups that are more targeted. You can set around 15 – 20 keywords in one targeted ad group.

– By splitting your keywords in more targeted ad groups, you can make more relevance ad copy for your ad groups. Take care of the keyword grouping as per the theme of the ad group. Then use upper case on each word on the ad copy, and include the main keyword in the title, ad copy and display URL of your ads.

– Optimize your ad copy by multiple ad copy at once, and analyze their performance after your ads running for about a week. Create clear, relevant, convincing appealing ad text. Then choose the one with the best performance one and delete the others, replace with other new creatives to test.

– Test your keywords by using the matching options. Decide which best for your business either using broad match, phrase match or exact match, see which one is giving you higher quality score and lower minimum CPC.

– Include your keywords on the meta tag of your landing page, as title tag, description tag and keywords tag.

– Improve your landing page by adding links to some informative pages such as the privacy policy page, about us page, terms and conditions page and a contact us page.

– Do some link building to your landing page by using the keywords you use at your campaign as the anchor text.

– Take notice on the load time of your landing page. Do not place some heavy graphics on your landing page. The load time also should be faster if you use a hosting server in your targeted geographic region.

In general, analyzing your quality score and its usage is about generating a better ROI from your Adwords campaign. If you keep analyzing and testing new scenarios whilst staying committed to measurement your business will accomplish in better results.

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