How To Get Rid Of Fat -The 3 Absolute Essentials On How To Banish ThatFat

If you want to get rid of fat youll have to desire it and I mean really want it, it just wont do to go into this thing with a half pie attitude of we will see. This will get you absolutely no where and face the facts well see means I do not really believe that I can do this, I will only put in half the effort which equals half the results.

The above is like the teachings of the secret and Dale Carnegie, we get exactly what we expect. If we expect to get rid of our excess fat that is exactly will happen.

The three main areas to focus on on in getting rid of that fat forever. (With everything in life, success is usually down to three things)


Treat it like a battle and prepare mentally for one, you will need to become absolutely pig headed and single minded in not letting anything stand in your way of your pursuit in This time to being absolutely 100% committed to changing your lifestyle because that is what it will take, to get this thing done and this time no yo-yos this time it will be different, this time it is going to be permanent. Take a moment and reflect back on what got in your way last time, here is my list

Holiday Season

What I did to combat this, is I wrote my list as above and thought of all the ways that the things on my list had got in the way in the past and at first I was livid, boy was I angry. Then I thought of ways to dis-arm everything that they could possibly throw my way. Each answer of dealing with a situation became my armor. Guess what happened, my preparation paid off and I achieved my goals. Friends (saboteurs) even told me they admired how strong I had become and they even sort my advice without any prompting on my part, which was really cool.

Listen closely and Listen good you will double your results if you pen your plan and implement it without deviation.

Write out the following sub headings and then write your plan under each sub heading, in a note book

exercise regime / schedule

Use another note book for a food diary, here you will write down everything that you eat and drink throughout the day. It is important to do it after each meal, not at the end of the day. You have another task at the end of the day and that is to go through your food diary with a calorie counter ( a small book with the calorie count of each food item listed) which is available from most good book stores. Add up the total and check that you are on track. Look at the foods you have consumed and astrix anything that fell into the naughty category. Please do not beat yourself up or feel too guilty, use it as a tool to keeping on track in getting rid of that fat forever.

Effort here equals results, if you do not put in the effort the only person that you are fooling is yourself, what price can you put on happiness, it is the one true commodity that is priceless, right!
Stick to your plan, there really is no excuse for missing out a workout, I find that when I I feel to lazy to carryout my exercise program and drag myself off the couch I usually end up having the best workout and feel amazing afterward.

If you have scheduled a gym session at 1 pm, go and do it at that scheduled time, have your gear prepared the night before, I forgot my running shoes, please! (refer to para one).

Once again, write down all your completed workouts, this info will become invaluable for further planning and assessing your progress.

So if you want to get rid of Fat, get serious, get real and take the time to prepare, plan and execute. The end result will be, you feeling and looking the part of a winner and you are.

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