How To Detect The Sort Of Back Pain You Have

How can you detect how to handle something if you aren’t even sure about what it is that you have to handle? This also goes for back pain. When you are informed about the kind of back pain you have, you can easily sense and embrace the available treatments.

There are a lot of symptoms that can suggest to you if you are plagued by a mere sprained back muscle or if you have slipped a disc in your spinal cord.

Principally, your age will determine what kind of back pain you may be tormented by. Human beings who are above fifty years are likely to be grappling with back problems because of certain medical conditions that they may not even be conscious of.

Back pain is also on a regular basis popular in folks who are twenty years of age and those who are above fifty. The following are things you should Watch out for and relay to your doctor if you start experiencing back pain, to enable him or her arrive at an accurate diagnosis;

– Weakness is any leg or foot muscle
– Movement of pain from the back to the chest or to the upper region behind the chest.
– Nagging persistent back pain that neither lying down nor exercise seem to help ease.
– Numbness is any part of your leg, foot or buttocks.
– A tingling sensation in any of the fore mentioned body parts.
– Bladder or bowel movement problems.
– Weight loss that is inexplicable or general discomfort of the body.
– Gradual advancement of the back pain from mild severe over the course of a few days or weeks.
– Recent history of trauma or injury to the back.

If you have been having steroid tablets for some months, remember to let your doctor know. Furthermore, a poor immune system due to AIDS should be mentioned to your doctor in order for you to get right treatment.

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