How Do You Handle Your Actual French Translation Situation?

Your new French website can generate online sales in the World:

– No matter if you do not speak OR understand any European language,
– No french translation problems any more,
– And you generate international sales in France day in day out.

I am French and I live in the UK for 9 years. So I know what I mean when I declare that UK businesses can succeed online in Europe in with their own French website:

Your European online business is available 24/7 and accepting online payments in foreign

Why have you not tried to sell online in Europe yet? Is it because of:

– Currency: Handle currencies in your business transactions?

– Transport: Insuring and Delivering goods abroad?

– Language: Ever tried to deal over the phone in Frenchlanguage before?

– Reliability: How do French clients do business? How do they pay?

– Local laws. “Magasin fermé Dimanche et jours fériés” means “Shop Closed on Sunday and Bank Holidays”.
How to deal with EU business laws?

Or perhaps:

– You may already conduct business in Europe but struggle to increase your sales
– You have already tried before and were disappointed?
– You consider breaking into Europe but do not know how to do it.

Whatever the situation you may have faced before, you now have a real chance to make an impact in the European Union.

4 main France Key facts you need to know before considering breaking into France:

• 36,153,327 Internet Users in France
• 17,353,596 online buyers, 48%
• Estimated amount to be spent online in 2010: 33,107 Million Euros
• Delivery time is 2 to 3 working days from the UK to France and is guaranteed as well.

6 reasons to break into France with success:

#1 – You get your free French domain name

#2 – Catalyst Entrepreneur translate your website in French and in most of the time we do write your website in French to not only comply with SEO requirements but also to generate sales online.

#3 – Your French website could benefit from a pay per click (PPC) campaign cheaper than in English and managed by our Internet marketing expert.

#4 – There is room for expansion online for small medium enterprises (SME) – your company could be one of them.

#5 – Extra online sales means you can earn more whilst you are asleep

#6 – Finally… your company can be as big as the ones online at advertising products and boosting sales.

European Union, probably your best chance to increase your international sales nowadays.

Catalyst Entrepreneur, The French online specialists can help you :

– To identify and explore new business opportunities,
– To achieve key strategic sales targets,
– To make the right strategic decisions.

Why is French no longer an issue for UK business?

As you can see on our website, Catalyst Entrepreneur handle the translation and copywriting issue on your behalf. Therefore you only have to focus on incoming orders.

If you are serious about doing business online, you might need to consider Non English speaking potential customers. Actually the web in different language is not the same and the big online companies know and they do capitalize on this lucrative situation.

So why not you?
Do not stay behind because the customers you are looking for could be somewhere in Europe waiting for your offer in their language.

And you may not have enough time to learn, read and understand French or any other European language.

This is a unique opportunity for you to expand and secure your business online as Catalyst Entrepreneur do the hard job for you.

So forget your French language issues. Catalyst Entrepreneur specialists, with multi cultural background and international marketing experience can help you though the whole process.

Grab practical experiences for emotional freedom technique– welcome to your own guide.