Home Storage Containers – Why Shipping Containers Could Be The Answer

Shipping Containers are often chosen as home storage containers over the more traditional wooden sheds. There are a variety of reasons for this other than the fact that shipping containers are generally cheaper and more easily transportable. Perhaps the most important is the fact that the steel containers offer an extremely secure method of storage for personal belongings.

Whether the reason for needing home storage is as a result of a delayed house move, a major rennovation project or clearing space in the garage or spare room, there has been an increasing need for additional storage in the home. It has been argued that the recent credit crunch has meant that many people are down sizing or continuing to rent whilst waiting for housing prices fall further, and this has meant increased demand for such storage.

There are a number of advantages to using shipping container as home storage. The containers are made of corten steel -which is extremely strong and weather proof, having been developed to withstand marine conditions. The strength of the ISO specification is such that shipping containers have been used to support bridges and therefore this makes them extremely durable and long lasting. The container doors are fastened with locking rods that, when coupled with a lock box and a heavy duty container padlock makes illegal access difficult thus keeping your belongings secure.

Lock boxes are sometimes referred to as lock cowls, lock shrouds or padlock boxes. As far as home storage are concerned their function is to protect the padlock from angle grinders or bolt croppers adding to the security aspect.

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes – both standard and adapted – making them idea for a home storage container. The basic width of a container is 8ft with the height being normally 8ft 6- although 9ft 6 high cube containers are available. The length can then be adapted and is usually anything from 8ft to 40ft. The industry standard lengths are 20ft and 40ft (making these the cheapest options) but these can be cut down to any other length to fit into the space available. Shelves and cupboards can also be fitted to the container to make the organisation easier. Whilst these can be fitted at the depot, flat packs available at most DIY stores make a cheaper option. Drill holes into the steel sides of the container to fix your shelves/cupboards securely, and remember to fill with silicone afterwards to make the container wind and watertight again.

Finally, shipping containers are easily transportable. They are often delivered and offloaded by a lorry with a hi-ab crane which makes the placement of the container at your home extremely easy.

Home storage containers that are flexible in size, extremely secure and easily delivered to your home – shipping containers have to be an option worth considering.

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