Helpful Tips: Improve Your Eyesight

You use your eyes almost all the time. Even when you sleep they dont relax entirely. This strain is the main cause of your vision defect. What can you do to relax your eyes and let them rest at least for a moment ? You can try many relaxation techniques.

Palming is one of the most efficacious methods of relieving eyestrain. It works by calming the visual system. We can see by receiving light signals. If there was no light entering the eyes, one should expect to see nothing. Instead, in eyes with defective eyesight, there appears swirling patches of colours, creating pictures where there should be none. This is a symptom of the eyestrain causing defective vision. The act of palming makes people aware of the strain. The warmth from the hands helps to relax the eyeballs. Some people claim to be able to the inner energy or chi emanating from the palms.

How to perform palming ?

Step1: Find quiet place. Switch off all lights.

Step2: Sit on a chair. Warm up your palms by rubbing them.

Step3: Lean your elbows on a table. Cover your eyes with your palms.

Step4: Try to see perfect black color. Its hard to do because your eyes are tired. After few sessions you should be able to see perfect blackness.

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Increase the amount of green, leafy vegetables in your diet. Spinach, broccoli, collard greens, kale and other green, leafy vegetables are high in carotenoids, in particular lutein and zeaxanthin. These powerful nutrients can help prevent eye deterioration and the development of cataracts. Lutein and zeaxanthin are deposited in the eyes and act as antioxidants neutralising, the free radicals, which can cause cell damage.
Add eggs to your diet. Especially the yolks, will help to increase the amount of lutein and zeaxanthin in your body
Eat avocados, they are similar to green and leafy vegetables in that they provide the body with lutein, which helps to fight eye disease

Sit up straight, it may sound funny but your vission is affected by your upper part of body tension. When you sit straight your chest, shoulders, neck and face are relaxed.

Keep Your Eyes Moving, usually people who have vision defects seem to stare. The dont blink and dont move their eyes. Keep changing you focus and take your eyes from one thing to another.

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