Have You Considered Option To Purchase For Selling A Home?

With many home selling experts reporting that the real estate market is dead and home supply growing faster than demand, home owners have to get creative when trying to market and sell or rent their property. I wonder how many homeowners, other than real estate investors, even know about this approach?

Luckily, there are many creative and profitable ways to move properties even in a slow market.

Youve heard all the news sources such as your local newspaper reporting that the housing market has tanked. Many home owners are worried that this means that their property will simply become another statistic, but home owners can stop or prevent their property from becoming a statistic.

While the market for selling houses is down there are creative ways that you can use to market your home so that you can get interested buyers. In a slow market you need to be creative and start thinking outside the box.

Unfortunately, many home owners dont know about all of the different ways that they can do to make sure that they arent affected by the slow market.

Also, landlords with with the renters from hell who dont pay on time, or tenants who dont take good care of your property, or landlords facing property managing headaches can avoid being in such situations by being creative.

However, there is some easy to use news for selling a house fast, and making a profit on it at the same time. Read on…

You can use one of the best real estate strategies in the world and thats using lease purchase options to sell your house. lease with purchase option is one of the most underused misunderstood ways for selling homes quickly – and it really does work.

A rent to own is essentially a rental agreement combined with a purchase contact with pre-negotiated terms. The buyer leases the property for a specified period of time and then purchases the property before the end of the lease agreement. Sales price, length of rental, any credits, and escrow instructions are predetermined by you. Then, when the option period is up, the tenant/buyer turns the option into a home purchase agreement.”

I have used it quite a few times to sell a house in a market for selling houses.

Go here to find out more about option to purchase go to my house selling site. Or, in some cases we may just buy your house and you can be rid of your house as a boat anchor.

P.S. Send me an email and I can provide you with lease with purchase option tips and answer any questions you may. To Your Happy and Successful Selling a Home!br /

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