Green Mens Underwear That Is Environmentally Kind – How Green Are Your Pants?

Did you ever stop to think that your underpants may be contributing to global warming? I am not talking about the methane production that raises from them, but the actual production of mens underwear.

In an eco friendly society everyone harps on, rightly so, about the damage we are doing to our environment and the importance to recycle and reduce carbon emissions.

However, we seldom stop to think about what damage our underwear is doing to the environment and probably because the link does not seem that obvious. Yet one of the most widely used materials in the fabrication of underwear is cotton, which is considered to use more insecticides than any other crop. Consequently, the growing and farming of cotton that goes in to your underwear can have huge detrimental impacts on our environment in many ways.

So, you are now probably starting to think twice about mens underwear and you will think even more about it when I explain the full price of cotton production, because the chemicals used on cotton were originally developed during World War 2 as nerve agents.

It is also worth considering that usually it is none western agricultural countries where cheap labour is exploited to produce cotton and where the health and safety of cotton workers is usually given a low priority. Consequently, many farm workers are exposed to the hazards of insecticides.

There is also the repercussions on the environment and wildlife to consider as it is not uncommon for large quantities to be spilt and wasted, which consequently finds its way in to our water systems, killing fish and in to other parts of the environment. Cattle have been known to feed off of infected cotton straw and consequently insecticides have also been known to make there way in to the meat chain.

However, there is a solution to this and many clothing manufacturers are now demonstrating their duty to the environment by using organically grown cotton that has not been treated with pesticides or genetically modified crops.

The difficulty is it is much more costly to harvest and there aren’t many companies manufacturing mens underwear from organic cotton. However, Giggleberries Mens Underwear has pledged to also do its bit for the environment by stocking organically produced underwear, which is also manufactured to fair trade principles as well.

The brand is called Babygod who have created a great range of organically grown clothing for men and includes a range of basic underwear that uses 100% organic cotton and that is sourced according to fair trade principles. The designs are of a trend retro look and as well as making you look good, they also make you feel good on the inside because you know you are doing your bit to save the environment.

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