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Hits4pay is a great site that allows u to make some extra money! compensation plan is a two level plan.

1. Direct Earnings: Earn $ for each validated email that you read
2. Second Level: Earn $ for each validated email that your direct referrals read.
3. Third Level: Earn $ from each validated email that your direct referrals referral reads.

We want our members to earn as much as they can, because our success as an advertising firm depends on honest and legitimate member participation.

It is a very easy business to do and easy to get referrals if done correctly.

Also u get a free $10 signup bonus! for joining for free! And theres information on how to earn, receive and make money with this extra money making business once u r joined. Our main company Multiple Stream Media is a New York based advertising company. has been operating online since April 1998.

Hits4Pay are a company that will send out emails with advertisements in to their customers. These advertisements contain links that money will be earned when they have been clicked on by the customer. This is a very common way of advertising on the Internet and it is very successful as there are a lot of people out there trying to find easy ways of earning money. Well this is definitely an easy way of earning money.

As some of the readers of my sites may know, I have been doing an ongoing experiment to see how much money can be made free on the internet. So far in almost a year I have made over $3700 doing different things, like affiliate marketing selling on ebay (not free) and trying to build monster downlines in proven paid to read sites.. The best one I have found thusfar is Hits4pay.

This one allows me to have email contact with my downline which helps me to help them, and in return they help me. If I find a good place to get a referral or two I let them know, If they find a good money making program they let me know.

hits4pay pays 2 cents per email read, not a lot ehh? Well you get 1 cent off your referral and 1 cent off their referral, then it stops, a two level plan that pays 50 % is ideal for web earners.. If you break it down and do the math you can see how this can be some serious money after you have built your downline and support your downline. I actually enjoy reading the onsite emails as some of them are promoting things ive never heard of giving me marketing ideas and the like.

It is a very good site to earn extra cash for free go to this site to start earning: hits4payfree $10 sign up.

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