Fishing On The River Ebro Is A Fantastic Sport

bCatfishing On The River Ebro Is A Remarkable Experience/b

You might be the many people that are out there catfishing on a regular basis or you may be someone that is looking to take it up, if you are either of these people then we will say to you now it is one of the best bits of fishing that you will ever be lucky enough to try out, just try it and see. If you have already tried it and loved it then you really need to get yourself over to Spains river Ebro to try out some real catfish fishing in. Over there you will find catfish that grow up to huge sizes and also they will give you the fight of your life trying to reel them in.

The Ebro is famous for its Spanish catfishing which sees hundreds of these fish caught each day and these fish are no ordinary fish, they are massive and this river has yielded some of the biggest ever catches for catfish ever and the scary thing is that they are being landed at such a high rate you really start to think how many are actually in there.

There are different ways that people go about catfishing on the river Ebro and each of them seem to be very efficient, these methods include fishing from the banks, free roving and fixed live bait fishing. The most effective method for catfish fishing on this river though definitely seems to be fishing free from a boat as you are able to get out into places where you cant get to from the banks. Also you are able to get to parts at the side of the Ebro river where you normally could not go and these places seem to be where most of the catfish are found.

Catfish fishing on this river can be done all year round as the climate is just right for them most of the year round giving them roughly a 10 month breeding season. The catfish tend to spawn during May so this is probably not the time of year to go but you can still yield some very large catches, the main monster catches seem to appear a month or 2 after which is when I would probably suggest fishing it if you are just out for big catches, but as I said massive catches are being caught day in day out all throughout the year. These are just normally the months you will have the best fishing of your life.

As well as catfish fishing on the Ebro there are many different past times that you can do while you are having a rest from catching these superb monster fish, activities include restaurants and shopping etc. You can be sure that you will not be bored anytime. Also the conditions over there in Spain is nice pretty much constantly other than the odd couple of months in the winter which are still quite warm.

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