Firepow Software Review

As blogging and in particular blogging for profit becomes ever more popular amongst online entrepreneurs, were seeing new tools developed to assist in this process being released, what seems like every week.

In this post Im going to talk about one such tool, Firepow blogging software reviews ,because I believe it might just be a cut above the rest in terms of its flexibility of use, and overall effectiveness in accomplishing the three primary aims of blogging – creating a blog, managing it or maintaining it, and getting traffic to it.

It was hard to know where to start with this post because there are so many individual features of this software that could be mentioned.

To give you a brief overview of how it works…

Firepow is based on the Wordpres platform, and allows a user to install a fully customized and functioning wordpress blog with a few clicks of the mouse.

If youve used WordPress before, youll know that one of the best things about it is its ability to be enhanced by third party plugins. Youll also know that its not hard to get LOST in all the plugins and potential feature additions that CAN be made.

The first thing great about Firepow from my point of view is that they have done the plugin work for you. The best 50 or so plugins from around the web have been programmed into the software so as to be automatically installed when your blog is.

Thats a good feature, but its even better when you consider that while these plugins normally require manual fiddling to get installed, tweaks made to your theme CSS code and more – the traffic generation software actually does that part for you too – so you click the button, and you have the function of that plugin added – VERY time saving!

The Create part of the process is also helped by the ability to create your own custom wordpress theme completely from scratch, with more functionality than weve seen from free theme generators EVER before – not to mention the ability to create your own categories from scratch, automatically create the perfect permalink
structure for SEO, and more.

Before even getting into the WordPress panel of the site Firepow creates youve also got a site management tab where all your blogs can be managed from one place, an SEO tracking tool to monitor the search rankings of all your sites, and a task manager
that tells you what needs to be done to maintain your blog/s and when.

I dare say though that the best things happen once youre actually IN the blog.

Here you have crazy abilities to make your post content better, easily being able to add relevant images, videos, or trackbacks (automatically building backlinks to your site) to your posts… and even thats leaving alot out.

OR the crazy abilities to monitor your blogs success, like being able to split test the results of different posts, monitor your traffic through in depth reporting (utilizing Google analytics), monitoring your search spider activity, the popularity of your posts, the terms people are searching on your site, and more still.

I feel like Im getting too salesy in this post to you but I can assure even with everything youve read here, I havent even really touched the surface of whats going on inside this thing called Firepow – heck we didnt even get to the promotional tools.

The best thing I can probably do is tell you go to look at the darn thing yourself:

Oh and I could also tell you that if your into blogging and you dont, youll probably regret it big time.

I hope youve found the information here valuable, and dont hesitate to leave your comments on Firepow here to share with others.

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