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The very mention of the name Pittsburgh Steelers seem to reflect certain themes and abstract ideas, which are definitely beyond the notion of being only a football team. The first things that generally come to the mind related to the Steelers is the idea of a never say die spirit, an awe-inspiring appearance on the field and most importantly an almost crazy fan following.

One can easily trace back the reasons for the Steelers being such a dynasty in their history of records, which has been unmatched in the game till now. Moreover a very sleek and attractive yet quite simple in design logo along with their beloved mascot called Steely McBeam also extend their popularity and craze in to a mass hysteria like thing which goes even beyond just the sports related statistics. This whole idea of Pittsburgh Steelers’ image is converted into a perfectly consumable and tangible thing via their merchandise base. Covering an extremely wide range of items and varieties, the Pittsburgh Steelers merchandise brings to its fans and admirers the same spirit and attitude of the team which they cherish during the course of the games and championships. Merchandising is not really a novel concept especially in the American market where it is primarily looked upon as a highly effective promotional activity or marketing strategy.

Get The Latest Pittsburgh Steelers Merchandise

Merchandising certain carefully selected items, which can have a wider range of prospective customers enable the brand image to get more popular and at the same time incorporate even those individuals who do not have anything to do with the phenomenon in the first place. Even the Pittsburgh Steelers merchandise also work in a similar way although it can be said that the lion’s share of the buyers are definitely die hard fans of the team. The Steelers merchandise items are available both from certain selected stores as well as from certain websites on the internet. In fact, there are certain official or rather commercial tie ups with certain malls and stores and the official team authorities which ensure a fair deal.

The array of merchandise for the Pittsburgh Steelers encompass a wide range of items such as key rings, tags, bottle openers, wheel covers, license plates, sweat shirts, sunglasses, stationeries, stickers, cans, water bottles, baby bibs, tank wraps, CD wallets, can holders, shoulder pads, swim rings, body arts, tattoos, belt buckles, luggage straps, caps, sports gear, tie (patterned with the logo), jerseys, apparels, T shirts, glass sets, remotes, alarm clocks, traveling mugs, arm chairs, tapes, purse and most importantly their DVDs of the broadcasts of their memorable performances. In fact, many fans consider that with the staggering amount of merchandise items available with their varieties one can easily fulfill his or her daily needs and even raise a family or maintain a household with them. Of course, it goes without saying that all of these items do not necessarily enjoy the same amount of popularity; for instance a CD wallet is definitely more sold than an armchair!br /

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