Explore These Effective Methods Of Promoting Your Website

So you want to start an online business. Then after a lot of hard work, you have your Web design spot on and your Web site is now up there on the Internet for the world to see. Unfortunately, your site is one of billions and no one knows your site is out there. So, what can you do to bring the Web site to their notice?

1. Search Engine Submission
2. Article Writing

1. Submitting your site to search engines, directories and link pages on a monthly bases is a great way to start getting search engine traffic to your site.

2. How are you at writing? Sounds weird? But, it’s completely true! Article writing is one of most effective methods of promoting your Web site on the Internet. It can help you earn free Backlinks to your site from a variety of popular Web sites. Let’s see how you can use article writing to develop a strong backline network.

Article writing is a cost effective way of driving up your search engine rankings and attracting traffic to your Web site. Unlike other forms of advertising, you can start an article writing campaign with zero investment. Therefore, article writing is quickly becoming the ideal method for promoting a Web site. To start your article writing campaign, all you need to do is write informative articles related to your field and submit them to reputed newsletters and e zones related to your field. Once your article is complete in the footer you can add author information in the form of a couple of sentences about you and your products. In addition, provide the complete URL of your Web site and invite readers to visit your Web site. If your article is accepted and published, you get free Backlinks to your Web site through these newsletters and e zones. Readers who like your article can click through to your Web site using the link you provided at the end of your articles.

To get even better results from your article writing campaign, once your articles are polished and ready you need to add your articles to directories, as many as you can find. An article directory contains thousands of articles on varied subjects, ranging from team building to shopping. Web publishers, such as Webzine owners and bloggers, pick relevant articles from the directory and post them on their own Web sites. The publishers don t need to pay anything for using the articles. However, they are required to replicate the author information at the end of the articles exactly as it is on their own Web sites. So, publishers who select your article in effect provide you completely free Backlinks from their Web sites. These Backlinks provide exposure to your Web site and help drive traffic to it.

Let’s take an example to understand how you can build a powerful backlink network through article writing. Suppose you have a Web site for selling pet care products. You write articles on topics such as Best Food for Dobermans, How to Get a Personalized Pet Collar, and 10 Secrets for Getting the 1st Position in a Pet Show. In the author information box at the end of each article, you include a backlink to your Web site on pet care products. Finally, you post these articles on a reputed article directory. Let’s see what results you can expect from posting just these three articles.

Let’s say three of your articles is picked by 5 publishers who use them on their own animal care or pet training newsletter, e zine, or Web site. That means that you now have 15 links pointing back to your site all from a single article directory. Now let’s say you modify the three articles a little and submit them to 5 additional directories. If you get a similar response in these directories, the additional backlinks you earn on those same three articles is 225! As you keep on posting an article a day, the number of backlinks to your Web site starts increasing at a phenomenal rate. And, the more backlinks there are to your Web site, the higher will be the number of readers clicking through to your Web site.

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