Do You Understand How To Maintain Your Salt Or Fresh Water Pool?

Pools vary, not only in size, construction and activity but also in content. Some individuals have fresh water pools while others have salt water pools. Both fresh and salt water pools also vary in their mode of maintenance. Fresh water pools are relatively easier to maintain than salt water pools. This is because salt water pools are more vulnerable to developing certain problems unlike the fresh water pool.

A salt water pool has chlorine generator. A chlorine generator is a salt water device that is responsible for changing salt into hypochlorous acid through the process of electrolysis. If you own or are pondering about owning a salt water pool, you should discern that the chlorine generator should be cleaned constantly in order to curtail the store up of any minerals.

If your chlorine generator stops executing, your pool will be vulnerable to contamination. The chlorine generator is nearly responsible for ensuring that your pool is treated at all times.

Another area of your salt water pool that is susceptible to break down is the pump. If you do not clean the pump from time to time, salt can build up and crystallize around the pump, hence impairing its duty. You may end up having to change your pumps all together thereby creating extra cash to be spent.

You should also grasp that fresh water pools are not as liable to algae growth as much as salt water pools are. You will therefore need to pay extra care to algae growth. Salt water pools also have the tendency to spoil the pool’s inner wall if it is not properly maintained.

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