Designer Male Fashion – The Fashion Attraction Of Leather Coats.

Leather has been around for ages, it is one of the most natural types of fabric, has been used for a whole variety of purposes through history from shoes, loin cloths, trousers, bags, and jackets, Consequently, it is hardly surprising that it is one of the most accepted fabrics for men’s designer fashion and a timeless classic that is always in fashion in one form or another.

2009 sees a sporty image to leather as it makes a come back in leather sporty jackets that are designed as bomber jackets and biking jackets that reflects a the James Dean look that is sought after by most modish males. However, if you want the genuine look then it is important to avoid fake leather and essential that you go for the genuine article.

However, we are not only seeing a return of leather jackets that are fashioned and shaped by the 1950’s American biking scene, but also by the early aviation periods, with some of them being styled on classic cold war American flying jackets form the 1950’s. The British WW2 sheepskin lined flying jacket is out and the clean cut cropped American jackets are in from the Chuck Yager era.

If you are going for the biking style then you will certainly want to go for black, perhaps with some white lines and trim around the arms. However, if you are the next budding aviator then you may want to take a pick from the abundant range of soft and stylish brown and tan leather jackets that are popular at present.

Leather jackets are so popular because of their timeless allure and whenever they go slightly out of vogue, you know that they will eventually come back in to fashion, providing you have picked a classic design in the first place.

They are a great casual item to add to any wardrobe and perfect to wear with jeans, chinos or slacks and can easily be accessorised with a colourful and stylish scarf or simply word over an open neck shirt or jumper.

Probably one of the main reasons why leather jackets are so accepted is for a number of reasons as they are both durable, suitable for adverse weather, but also feel and smell great. There is nothing quite like the touch and smell of leather. Make sure you jacket is nicely lined and you might even want to go for one that is slightly distressed.

Whatever, you preference just have a look at the current style and fashion magazines to see what is hot and in fashion at present and then simply choose your favourite leather jacket to match accordingly. You won’t go far wrong and it will be a style item that you will get years of happy wear out of.

The author of this article is J. Keightley, fashion editor of mens underwear and owner of Giggleberries Mens Underwear

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