Designer Looks In The 1980’s – A Look Back Over History

How many of you recollect the 1980’s?

Whether it is for good or bad reasons, they are difficult challenge to forget. It was the decade of the first Shuttle disaster, Prince Charles and Lady Dianne married, Band Aid put Ethiopia on the map, legs warmers and spandex became trend and shell suits were cool.

The 80’s is possibly the most notable of decades, not least because of the music, but also for the fashion. There was generous range of style and fashion in this decade that went from the end of punk in the 70’s, through to power dressing, Aztec and pop art of the 1980’s
It was the decade of a flamboyant and successful economy, yuppies and power dressing were the order of the day and this was reproduced in the power dressing suites nipped at the waist to accentuate the shoulders which were stuffed with ridiculous shoulder pads. Men thought they were in Miami Vice with light weight summer suits lined with bright colours and that just had to be worn with the sleeves rolled up and worn with only a t-shirt underneath.

The embarrassment did not stop there and as ‘acid’ hit the streets so did the vibrant colours. Fluorescent socks, day-glow t-shirts, leather ties and pastel cardigans became chic for men again. So did slip on shoes, white socks and leather jackets that were best reserved for the film set of the ‘Thriller’ music video.

Mens underwear was made hip by the famous Levi jeans ad of the guy stripping off in the laundrette and sitting in his white boxer shorts and soon all mens underwear draws were filled with boxer shorts and the y-fronts thrown out.
Don’t forget sports fashion because most would agree that this was the biggest fashion casuality of the 1980’s as sport became a big part of life for many people.

Consequently synthetic fabrics were used heavily in sports clothing, dyed in vibrant colours and spandex thong leotards were driving men crazy in the gyms. Shell suits that were a lightweight nylon top with matching bottoms in vibrant colours and that were contrasted with a second colour became popular. These soon became posing suits as they we coupled with health and fitness and portrayed the wearer as fit and healthy. However, this was soon lost as they started to be churned out at cheap Sunday markets and suddenly it became the tribal like dress code for people on benefit.

Hair styles were big and teased and were possibly the most diverse and amusing of any decade so far. For many there seemed to be a lot of competitiveness as to who could make their hair stand the tallest or at the steepest angle with two ton of mouse and hairspray. The only difficulty for many was being able to keep their head upright under the strain of weight.

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