Choosing A Sporting After Dinner Speaker For You Next Fund Raiser

For those sorting a sporting event, whether it be a charity evening, annual meeting or fund raising event, then the presence of one of the many top quality sporting after dinner speakers that are available on the circuit can provide your event with not only a highlight to the evening, but also it can act as a draw to further potential dinners to bring even more attendees to your planned function. It can also give you a much needed boost to your function and even allow you to further increase your ticket selling price.

To contact most of these ex professional sports stars, you almost certainly will have to first go via their official agents or approved after dinner speaker bureaus. It is unlikely that these celebrities will accept bookings directly from the public and no doubt tasks such as sorting out the arrangements of travel, accommodation and what time to arrive at the event would be considered to be beneath them.

Depending on where your location is and the home town of your chosen celebrity, on top of their speaking fees you will also be expected to pay for either a car for them to travel to and from the venue, or even hotel accommodation for after the event. You might be given a choice of these up front or you might be told the celebritys preference, which might be dictated by the timing of the event and the speakers other appointments in their diary.

Professional after dinner speakers dont just attend and work with large events where they stand at the front and talk to the audience. Many are happy to attend a variety of events, down to more intimate get to know events, where maybe half a dozen attendees have a lunch with the celebrity and chat informally with them. Or another alternative can be a question and answer session with your chosen sporting star answering questions from the audience.

Whilst they are at your function you may find the celebrity may also be happy to compare a charity auction to help boost fund raising ask the agent in the planning stage if this interests you. In some cases, the agent might even be able to provide suitable signed merchandise on a sale or return basis for the charity auction, its well worth checking what is possible when you are negotiating the contract.

Another point to clarify when you are negotiating with the stars agent is how much you can use the speakers name when advertising the event. It is well worth passing the agent draft copies of press releases, flyers and the likes at an early planning stage, just so that they dont turn around later and say that you have unintentionally mis-represented their client. An intimate evening with might seem at first to you to be a perfectly fair way of advertising your dinner for 20 select people, but the celebrity involved might not see standing in front of a few tables talking to the attendees in the same light and might want to reserve such descriptions for smaller events.

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