Checking For The Authentique Goods When Buying Signed Memorabilia

If you want to make sure that the sporting memorabilia that you are buying is the genuine article, dont buy it without photographic proof that the item has genuinely been autographed by the sports star in question. Ideally, all autographed items that you buy will come with a photograph of the person as they autographed it, along with details of the individual serial number of the signing, the date and venue of the signing event and even what pen was used for the signing. All of these are provided by SoccerSpeaker, who provide genuine autographed and framed sporting memorabilia for auctions along with their after dinner speakers service.

The safest and most reputable method for obtaining authentically signed memorabilia is quite obviously by meeting the sporting star yourself and asking for the autograph personally. But this is very hard to do, as these people are busy and quite often not wanting to be disturbed when they are just about to compete, or have just finished competing, which is when most approaches are made.

The next method is to buy signed items from well known and well established, licensed companies and their authorised distributors. These companies have entered into contracts with the sporting stars who will be paid to autograph memorabilia exclusively for the one company for the duration of the contract. The licensed company is then able to provide security features such as certification, numbering and even registered tamper proofs holograms for the signed memorabilia. They can also send an official company witness along to a private signing event to, or may turn the autographing event itself into a publicity opportunity. Professional representatives of the sporting star may also attend the signing events to add to the levels of security. This means that autographed memorabilia that is well authenticated can become a good investment for the future.

When buying signed items, there are various methods of producing non genuine goods that should be watched out for. The first example is the autopen, which is a mechanical device set up to autograph flat memorabilia. These can be spotted by the fact that the signatures all turn out the same, although sometimes the pens are swapped to make them appear different on first glance. The lines of the autographs are also of an even thickness as the pen is held perfectly vertical, not at an angle as most people hold a pen.

Another trick is to just copy the original autographed item and send that. Study the signature carefully and check that it is over the printed item and not part of the card that has been printed with it. On a glossy photograph, you would expect the writing to be above the level of the gloss, not under it.

There are many more ways to detect fraudulent signatures. The best way to ensure a genuine autographed item is to approach reputable sellers, such as SoccerSpeaker, who not only provide the autographed memorabilia, but also can provide the starts themselves as an after dinner speaker for your events.

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