Can You Fix A Slow Computer?

When you have a computer with a corrupt registry, you are experiencing a number of problems, one of them usually being computer freezes after standby. There are other problems as well, such as delays on start up and shut down, random times when the computer just bogs down, and web surfing that seems to take forever.

Lets look at what the registry is, and why it causes you problems. The registry is a database that Microsoft created for Windows, with the purpose of storing all kinds of information that is required for the computer to run. Windows references the registry whenever the computer user makes a request of the system. New files are constantly being added to this large database, not only when you add new hardware or software, but also whenever you go to a new web page. Because the registry is constantly getting bigger, it eventually reaches its breaking point where it just gets too large, and other applications slow down.

So how do you repair the registry to fix problems like computer freezes after standby? The best option is to use a registry cleaner. This type of program will scan your PC for any files that are corrupt, or not needed. These will then be listed for you, and you get to decide what to do with them. A good registry cleaner also shuts off un-needed programs that you never use and are just slowing down the computer. And finally, the best registry repair programs allow you to schedule future scans ahead of time so that new errors can be found and deleted before you experience more problems such as computer freezes after standby.

If you need to repair the registry in Microsoft RegClean is one of the awesome registry cleaners on the market that you can use to do the job.

Why would you need to repair the registry?

Registry repair is necessary if you have a running slow computer, the start ups and shut downs take forever, and it freezes at random times.

What does the registry do, and why does it get corrupt?

The registry stores files that Windows constantly accesses in order to run programs. Simply put, if your Windows PC did not have a registry, it would cease to operate. All kinds of files are stored in the large database, and new files are placed inside the registry all the time. This happens even when you are going from web page to web page. But because so many new files are stored inside it, the registry eventually gets way too big, and that is when you start seeing all the system problems that we mentioned above.

What Do I Need to Do to Fix the Registry?

You can try to fix the registry on your own, but if you do this, you are taking a big chance. Registry repair is very delicate, and it is easy to make a costly mistake. Your best bet is to get a registry cleaner that will perform a scan of your computer, find errors, help you remove them, and this type of software will also work to keep future errors from causing problems down the road.

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