Can It Be Possible That Everyday Household Chemical Cleaning Agents Are Causing Headaches And Illness Among The People Using Them

Could household cleaning products give you a headache, and possibly be the cause of your Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura or ITP and low platelet count?

Or to phrase it differently, what does cleaning house and Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura have in common?

Hmmm, Im willing to bet that the first notion that one probably thinks of is that cleaning house is enough to give everybody a headache and get their blood boiling. Dont we all despise cleaning? Just the sheer idea of cleaning anything will send the majority of people over the edge, but it can perhaps be the cause of ITP? What a notion!

Think of a whole day of cleaning. We start in the bathroom, we break out the clorox and the Ajax. That should really take care of it. Oh forgot the ammonia just for extra disinfection. Then stroll over to the kitchen…. bleach wipes, oven cleaner, Cascade powder. Then some grout cleaner. The house is sparkling clean already. Next on the list, the rugs need to be steamed with that delicious smelling chemical and the windows washed. Windex and carpet cleaning liquid should do the trick. Oh thats right, go back and polish the furniture and woodwork. Wheres that Pledge? Boy what a cleaning machine you are!

Boy! Doesnt your house look great? Now for that well deserved break youve been waiting for. Oh man, you have a horendous migraine starting to come on. And you are feeling so tired. Youre just plain wiped out.

No wonder you procrastinate when it comes to cleaning house. Every time you house clean you work yourself to the bone and find yourself going for the Tylenol for that nagging headache. Did it ever occur to you that cleaning your house should be a fairly easy task? Its not that hard of work. Ok, Ill give you the fact that youve been moving all day but you definitely should not feel like crawling in a hole somewhere for the next few days to recover.

Heres a notion, its not the hard task of cleaning thats got you feeling bad, its the cleaning products that you are using. Its amazing that we spend so much time and effort to make our house a safer more sanitary place in which to live, but never ponder the fact that most everyday cleaning products we use are far more detrimental to us than a few germs and messes. Imagine over the long term just what these harsh chemical products might be guilty of maybe the destruction of our immune system? The breakdown of our bodys defenses causing it to attack itself. Consider that all these products just might be causing your ITP and low platelet count.

Did you know that almost all of the every day consumer products that we use, are filled with toxic chemicals far more dangerous than explained on the labels? And that because of labeling laws the manufacturer doesnt even have to inform you of half of whats in there. Also that only 20% of all the chemical products that we so willing use have actually been tested for dangers. We are being fooled by big businesses without sufficient protection from the government.

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