Calming Tranquility From Sketching Landscapes Throughout The Seasons

In this age where valuable free time is so hard to come by, where do we find relaxation, peace or solitude from the frantic life of today with all its trials and tribulations. People use this time in different ways but I am certain that many opt for some sort of peace and tranquility.

As a contemporary artist that enjoys nature, I often head to the country to admire the wonderful landscapes, mountains, trees, lakes, flowers, birds etc. The effect they have on me is relaxing. The rare beauty of this stirs my emotions. Often I capture these scenes on camera, so that the memory remains with me.

The colours in the country are inspiring – whether in winter or summer. I appreciate the starkness of winter when the trees are stripped empty, the first snows and naturally the pattern that frost makes, whether on the window panes, cars,etc…. Possibly the colours are at their Sunday best in the autumn.

Amazing too are the rustling leaves and falling twigs as they appear to dance like an Autumn Concerto. The reds, browns, golden yellow and the leaves partly disintegrated are really something together with the conkers falling at your feet.

I have spent a fair bit of time in County Kerry where the scenes are naturally rugged which is impressive to the eye of a contemporary painter. If you head on towards Dingle the natural movement of the waterfalls at Muckross Pass takes your breath away. The early morning mists as well are something to behold.

Different things capture peoples emotions, personally I am quite happy to stroll along a deserted beach at any season of the year. Observe the birds, watch the sun dappling on the water, or the flow of the tide as it comes in and moves out. Even see children playing, running in and out of the water, making sandcastles, or dogs roaming free off the leash. One thing is for sure, maybe one of the finest things to capture is the early morning sunrise or the evening sunset in all their glory. This is beauty at its finest.

Spring as well, is an amazing season when you see the first gentle buds appearing on trees, hedges and bushes. Snowdrops and tender Celandiles pushing their way up through the grounds.
Easter on towards May brings the wonderful array of nodding Bluebells which are abound in plenty of our local woods and forests mingling amongst the Buttercups and Ferns.

Then we are into the colourful blaze of summer. At that time the trees are ready to be adored. Flowers are in full bloom creating eye catching displays which lift our spirits. Hues and patches of tender tones which warm the soul, to very bright and passionate colours which knock our socks off.

Skylines too are amazing. The cloud formations are always enjoyable with their delicate and also very strong tints. Red skies are wonderful, relating to you that the next day is going to be golden.

Is it any wonder then people enjoy painting Landscapes? You have all the inspiration you could possibly need. As you can gather you are surrounded by subjects. Whether you capture them on camera first, or do them from memory. Pick up you pencil and seize the day!

This article was written by Anna Meenaghan of

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