Back Pain – What Type Of Mattress Do You Have?

There has been a conception among back pain sufferers and medical examiners alike that the nature of the bed that you sleep on can either ease or amplify your back pain condition. Until recently however, there was no scientific attestation to support this hypothesis.

Some folks have felt relief from their back pain by sleeping on a hard bed ; others have got a sense of relief from sleeping on a softer bed . To test the hypothesis that the nature of a Mattress may contribute to the state of a back pain patient, Dr. Kim Bergholat and other counterparts of the Funen back center in Washington D.C, chose a hundred and sixty back pain patients and assigned them to sleep in three different forms of Mattresses for three months in a row.

The three Mattresses were a water bed, a body contouring or conforming bed and a hard bed. The hard Mattress was supplied by innovation futon for the goal of the research. Both the water Mattress and the body contouring Mattresses were supplied by Akva and Tempur respectively. Both Akva and Tempur funded the study.

The consequence of the investigation were questionable. This is because most of the people grappling with the problem who were allocated water beds never commenced the study because they were obstinate about not sleeping on a water bed. Most of the patients who were allocated the futon hard Mattresses also abandon the research before credible facts could be gathered.

The statistics that was amassed from the few left point to a soft spot for water beds and the body contouring Mattresses . Some victims also reported a cutback in back pain after sleeping on a hard bed . Therefore, the question about whether a hard Mattress or a soft bed is good for easing back pain is really relative. It all depends on which works best for you or NOT!

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