Athena Pelvic Floor Trainer

The Athenafem Pelvic Toner is a simple yet highly effective way to regain control of your pelvic floor muscles. Weakened pelvic muscles can be caused by pregnancy and childbirth, exercise, weight gain or even aging and can cause urinary and bowel incontinence, a slackened vagina, leading to reduced sexual response and even prolapse.

Until recently, the only way to try to recover the strength in these muscles was by performing Kegel exercises. These are specific exercises aimed at toning up and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. However, this was easier said than done, with many women finding them tedious and boring and as they can be very slow acting, many women became disenchanted and gave up. In addition, it is difficult to tell if you are performing Kegels properly and this alone can demotivate women, causing them to give up. Indeed some women persevere for weeks on end only to find that they are not seeing any tangible results.

The Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer is very simple to use and is recommended by many doctors and other health professionals alike. It takes away the doubt many women have about whether or not they are exercising the correct muscles. It is used in the privacy of your own home and the wireless design sets it apart from other pelvic exercisers, making it very discreet. It has been affectionately termed the no-brainer trainer!

The Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer is very comfortable to use. The cordless design is far preferable for some women than messy wires. In addition, it is very small and discreet, yet at least as powerful as the much bigger pelvic trainers. Once inserted into the vagina, it will stimulate the correct muscles, ensuring a no-effort full workout. The dual mode setting means that stress, urge and mixed incontinence can be treated at the same time-something unique to the Athena Pelvic Toner

Urinary incontinence affects over 200 million women worldwide, with over 3 million of these in the UK. Until recently, women would suffer in silence, putting up with incontinence and wearing menstrual pads to soak up leakage. One shocking statistic is that over 38% of all menstrual pads are worn by women for incontinence rather than menstruation. Many women simply do not realize how simple it is to treat urinary incontinence by using a device such as the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer.

What surprises most women is the speed at which results are seen, with many reporting a noticeable improvement in just a couple of weeks and the vast majority are completely cured within a couple of months use. When you read the statistics though, it is not surprising. To achieve the same number of muscle contractions doing the exercises manually, you would have to concentrate for over an hour to achieve the same results as the Athena does in a few short minutes.

If you would like further information about this product and to see details of where it can be ordered from in the UK, visit Athenafem Pelvic Muscle Trainer

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