Aids To Stop Smoking That Really Will Work

First of all, a smoker must have the will to stop. He needs strong motivation. Many smokers fail to quit because of doubt-they doubt their ability to succeed.

Can the many stop smoking programs and chemical preparations aid in quitting? Evidently they have helped some. Theres nothing magical about it. If you dont want to stop, nothing is going to work.

The Will To Stop

Success depends almost wholly on the smokers want and will to stop. Without this determination, no stop smoking remedy will succeed. But with it, a person can quit without paying for some expensive antismoking remedy.

For many, continuously thinking to themselves that smoking is deadly has provided them with the will. Some antismoking programs cultivate this fear, emphasizing the terrible damage smoking does to the body.

Aids in Giving Up Smoking

Dont forget all the reasons for giving up smoking. Write them down and refer to them often. Is it your health that you are most concerned about? The health of your family who are breathing in your secondary smoke? The high cost of smoking? The fact that it is a dirty habit, and your breath and body smell of nicotine?

Good friends, especially ones who themselves have conquered the smoking habit and can therefore affirm that it can be done, are valuable aids. So seek out such friends. Let them know of your decision to stop smoking, and ask for their support. Or, stop smoking with a friend or relative. That way you can support each other to stay smoke free.

What is the best way to quit? Is it by lowering the number of cigarettes smoked each day, thereby gradually quitting? Or is it by picking a day and stopping abruptly on that day?

Contrary to what many think, a comprehensive study of ex-smokers proved that smokers are more capable of to overcome withdrawal symptoms by stopping suddenly. Researchers have found that cutting down gradually may actually prolong smokers agony by intermittently reinforcing their symptoms and smoking behavior. This will often lead to relapse and a return to smoking.

Some suggest picking a date to stop and sticking to it. It doesnt matter which date, but choosing a date will help you to prepare yourself.

The first few days after quitting may be the daunting. So, as an aid, think about the benefits of quitting smoking. One is the money saved. It can amount to quite a lot! Try
putting the money you would each day in a pot or box and see how much it amounts
to after a year. Write down something you want to spend that money on. Set it aside and buy it for yourself when youve achieved your goal.

With strong determination, many smokers have quit for a week or so, enduring the initial agony of withdrawal. But, a difficult phase begins, usually starting between the first and the third week. So the battle needs to continue!

Whenever you feel a need for a cigarette, breathe deeply two or three times. Keep oral substitutes handy. Pop into your mouth things like raisins, nuts and sunflower seeds, or eat carrot and celery sticks, or chew gum. Drink more fluids-wholesome drinks such as fruit or vegetable juices or just plain water. Also, arrange for a more balanced diet.

Getting more exercise can be a real big help. Perhaps try activities such as jogging, tennis, cycling or swimming. Find something you enjoy and stick to it, especially when youre feeling vulnerable. If you enjoy gardening, get out and work on the garden. If you enjoy decorating go do some work on the house; take a bath; do something to take your mind away from smoking. Get plenty of rest. Go to bed early so as to avoid nervous fatigue. Concentrate on learning to relax.

Avoid past triggers to smoking, like hanging around certain friends, being in a smoky environment. Even for a while after quitting try to avoid temptations if your friends or colleagues smoke. Alcohol is a common gateway so you may need to keep away from alcohol consumption.

Each day you dont smoke is another day closer to quitting the habit for good, and you are nearer victory.

If you really want to, you can stop smoking!

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