Affiliate Marketing Using A PPC Direct Linking Strategy

When it comes to being a successful with affiliate marketing, it is possible to start earning profits faster with affiliate marketing using a pay per click advertising direct linking strategy.

Before we discuss what a pay per click direct linking strategy is, let us first define pay per click advertising.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

* Immediate Traffic: Pay per click advertising is a tool that website owners and affiliates use to immediately drive traffic to a website. Google AdWords is the most popular form of pay per click advertising.
* Charge Per Click: Website owners and affiliate marketers can take advantage of the massive amount of traffic to the Google search engine by using pay per click. Affiliate marketers and website owners are charged by Google every time a user clicks through to their website or affiliate product.
* Sponsored Ads Visible on Search Engine Page: The PPC advertisement takes on a sponsored placement which is visible from the top of the search page and also to the right of the search results. When the visitor clicks on the ad they are immediately taken to the business owners web page.

Using PPC with a Direct Linking Strategy

When you use pay per click with a direct linking strategy basically you are sending your prospects directly to the affiliate website instead of a web page that you created.

Affiliate marketing using a PPC direct linking strategy allows you to:

* Lead Prospects Directly to the Affiliate Site: Whenever you sign up to sell an affiliate product you are assigned an ID number. You will use this ID number to collect your commissions and to include in the link for the target URL in the Google Ad. By including your affiliate ID number in the target link, your prospects will be directed straight to the affiliate website. If you use a pay per click direct linking strategy, you can lead the prospect right to the affiliate product without the need for a landing page.
* Eliminate the Landing Page: When an advertisement is set up in Google AdWords, it contains a link to the owners website. If you are selling an affiliate product, this means that you set up the link to the web page or landing page which will provide sales copy for the affiliate product. This page then leads the visitor to the location where the sale of the affiliate product takes place.
* Eliminate Costs of Maintaining a Web Page (Landing Page): If you set up your own web page you have the costs of obtaining a domain name, purchasing server space to house your website, and perhaps even costs of paying a web designer to build your page if you lack the skills.

While affiliate marketing using a PPC direct linking strategy has a lot of benefits, you also need to make sure that you are producing a profit after paying for the click throughs in your PPC campaign. In addition you also want to view this strategy as an additional source of income and not the primary source of income.

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