A Short Explanation About Stuttering Stammering And Brain Problems

Stuttering and brain problems are often being interconnected by the various studies which have been conducted about the topic. Although nothing has been proven yet as a strong evidence or proof as to the relation, there are different studies that point to the disfigured area on the brain’s anatomy that controls speech as the one responsible for the stuttering.

Although aside from brain problems, stuttering can also be rooted to emotional dilemma and baggage. A child may go through this stage when they are only beginning to talk up to about three years old. But this is a normal phase that everybody will go through. The problem begins when the speech doesn’t develop long after such phase and the stuttering won’t seem to stop. This is when parents should be alert in finding a cure for their children because the red flag is starting to raise that they are sufering from a medical condition already.

Characteristics of Stutterers

Stutterers usually show signs of repetition of consonants to words and phrases. The longer the words they repeat, the more serious their situation is. Aside from constant repetition, stutterers have long pauses or a series of short ones when they are expressing their thoughts. They also appear drawn out from what they are saying because of the manner in which they are expressing what they want to say.

A child who is just learning how to talk and is experiencing the whole process is very different from a child with a mild form of stuttering condition. The latter will often be caught with more than twice repetition of sounds that they hear of syllables from what they really would want to say. Usually, the facial muscle of a child with a medical condition becomes tensed and they might appear to be fighting with the words that they really want to express but are still figuring out how.

Other children with this circumstances will increase their voices out of exasperation about their situation. Some children will pause on the midst of their sentences because they could hardly breathe or they lack the air needed to be able to go on with what they are saying. The severe cases for children are said to be those who stutter for more than 10 percent of their whole speech.

The child may appear rowdy and irritable because they feel the exasperation of doing something that appears so easy for other people to do. They feel the tension and the pressure may also get into them. This will be worse if they will be exposed to other children who do not have their condition and who wouldn’t understand them. Once they are bullied about their situation, the more chances that they will feel like a failure. This may lead for them to shy away from the public light. This may also cause early signs of depression for these children.

The Cure

There are drugs available these days that you can try for your child to take. But the chances of getting better really depend on the child’s immune system and how their system reacts to the drugs. As a parent, the best cure that you can give to your child who has this problem is support and continuous therapy.

And although stuttering and brain problems are often being linked, the condition doesn’t really affect one’s intelligence. So somebody who has it can still achieve flying colors in life and career.

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