A Hidden Health Benefit – Far Infrared Saunas

Many folks know that using an infrared sauna benefits your health. But many dont know that the benefits of this kind of sauna actually surpass the benefits of using a older sauna.

Healthier blood circulation and oxygenation are perhaps the most often cited benefits of infared saunas therapy. In an sauna, the infrared energy goes through deep into the muscle tissue. This penetration stimulates the cells and enhances circulation. With increased circulation, the blood is better able to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Enhanced oxygenation will make it shorter it takes to heal sprains and strains as well as disassociate some of the pain associated with those conditions.

The skin, our largest organ, also benefits from infrared sauna use. Up to 30% of the unwanted chemicals and compounds in our bodies are eliminated through the skin. Sweat increases this detoxification, so sweating has long been considered a good way to decrease the waste in our bodies. Infrared saunas enhance this process by heating the skin directly, which makes the user begin sweating more quickly than with a traditional sauna.

Saunas are also known to play some role in maintaining a healthy weight or in losing weight. While it is not used as a primary weight-loss method, sweating does remove water from the body and expends calories, the same way exercise does.

Dont forget that rest and relaxation are also very important to overall better health. In our fast-paced lives, we often dont take time to allow our bodies to rest up and become fresh again. Giving ourselves an opportunity to relax in the sauna can combat stress, which is known to cause a wide variety of health problems. Relaxing is also good for our mental well-being.

Cardiovascular health is also enhanced through the use of a sauna. The heat of the infrared saunas stimulates vasodilatation, a widening of the peripheral blood vessels. The heart rate also increases, which provides cardiovascular benefits similar to those attained by moderate exercise.

With the wide variety of soaps, creams, and related products that many people use each day, our bodies are not able to sweat the way they were designed to. Chemicals from these products accumulate on the skin, blocking some of our sweat. The enhanced blood circulation that comes from sauna use brings more of our bodies nutrients to the surface, making the skin healthier (and making it look healthier as well).

Although there is proof that infrared saunas, there is not much scientific research about the health benefits of taking a sauna. But alot of Drs of natural, homeopathic, and alternative medicine regularly advise their patients to take advantage of sauna use. Research into far infrared saunas is certain to continue.

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