7 Things You Should Avoid When Dating Online

The process of dating can be a trying one and many people feel at one time in their life or another that it is no longer worth the struggle. With the recent introduction of online dating in our society, now only a few years old, many of the hardships that were previously apart of this process can be swiftly eliminated forever. Online dating offers the freedom of dismissing many potential dates that would result in a failed or frustrating relationship eventually without spending months of precious time rooting out the flaws. Allowing systems that can match your personality traits, hopes and desires with others who share your views is an amazing place to start when dating. Before you begin your adventure into the community of online dating, or even for those who feel they know the community well, it can be helpful to keep a few precautions in mind so that your experience is the best that it can be.

Listing Flaws: Though it may be tempting to list many of your flaws, especially for those who are feeling a little insecure, this is a poor way to begin a relationship. Hiding aspects of your personality is not necessary to the process; however, beginning on such a negative note can turn many people away. While it may become necessary to eventually reveal these less attractive aspects of your life to a person of interest, there is no reason to lead off with weaknesses rather than strengths; focusing on the positive aspects of your life might require some deep thought and a bit more ego than you would normally posses, but it is no way vain to list those parts of your life which you are most proud of.

Distorted Snapshots: Using an old photo of yourself, or one that greatly distorts how you look on an every day basis can be fun if you have no intention of taking the process seriously, but can lead to disaster if you are hoping to find true love. While taking a good picture of yourself is recommended, just as you would gussy up a little if you were going out, dramatic differences can be very misleading; while some would argue that looks are not important, most would agree deception is, dont lead off your new relationship with a lie however small and insecure. The possibility of finding love places a great deal of pressure on many people, but it is important to remember that when you find that person they should be looking at the real you.

Unrealistic Expectations: While the world of online dating will offer you a much wider selection of people to choose from, do not enter into the process with ridiculous standards. Remember that on the other end of those profiles you are browsing through are real people who come equipped with many wonderful traits, but also a few flaws. Expecting to find love on your first day may be hoping for too much, remember to pace yourself and keep an open mind. Knowing what personality traits or parts of a persons life are most important to you is an excellent way to begin your experience, just be sure not to expect perfection as having this in mind will almost certainly cause you to miss out on the chance of getting to know some exceptional people. If you do come across a person who seems to be utterly flawless, be cautious, certain safety measures are in place on many dating sites, but certain people still feel the need to lie. Dont set yourself up for disappointment; be fair and honest about what you want in your match.

Too Far, Too Fast: It can be easy to get swept up In the romance when you do meet an interesting person and to feel that you have known them for much longer than you actually have; these feelings can sometimes lead to a sense of trust that has not yet been earned. While it is a wonderful quality to be open and honest about your life do be careful not to reveal information that you would not feel comfortable giving to a stranger, remember that it can take time to get to know a person and that often small steps forward are necessary before trusting a person who you met not long ago.

Embellishment for Ego: It can be very tempting to exaggerate or even flat out lie about your life so that you seem attractive to others; many people suffer from insecurity and feel the need to deceive those they meet under the assumption that those people would not like who they truly are. While taking this approach to online dating may seem interesting at first, if you intend to pursue any relationships this is a rather magnificent approach to disaster. Though it might be difficult you must trust that however scared you feel there are others out there who share your insecurity and will in all probability adore the person you are; dont be afraid to give yourself a little pep-talk before creating a profile or chatting with potential dates and keep in mind, that lying to those you meet online is a poor and childish way to treat others.

Guilt of Dismissal: Once you have set up your profile and begin the process of meeting others you will in all probability come across people who for many reasons you have little or no interest in; some people feel the need to give these ill matched candidates a chance despite their gut feelings simply because they do not want to reject others; while this instinct is a kind and considerate one, (the desire not to hurt other people is one you should be proud of,) it’s often a great waste of time and will only lead to your having to reject the person later on when both of you have invested more time and feeling into the relationship. Many people, though hurt, find it comforting to receive a simple and kindly worded reply from those who are not interested in them; this not only helps to lessen the feeling of rejection, but brings the matter to conclusion rather than being left with uncertainty.

The Right Home: Finding the right online dating site can be a little tricky and often takes a bit of research before you can join the community. Creating a list of what qualities you expect from a site and what you are willing to put into the process can be a wonderful way to eliminate those which would be a waste of your time. Joining a site simply because it is free, or costs little, is not usually a good way to begin if you hope to find others who would best suit you; often these sites have smaller communities or people who are less enthusiastic about taking the process seriously. Joining the first site you come across simply because it is popular might also be a mistake; the most popular does not necessarily mean the best fit for what you want. Take the time to find out about the community you’re about to join before jumping in by checking online dating reviews and posts so that your experience has the best chance of being a great one.

Knowing what not to do when dating online is just as important as knowing what works well; doing a little research on the subject shows that your interest is most likely not superficial and that your dedication to making online dating work for you gives you a greater chance of success. Remember to proceed with a little caution and a positive attitude when searching for that special someone who might only be a few clicks away.

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